Paper Bridge

Environmental artist Steve Messam has built a weight-bearing bridge out of sheets of poppy-red paper, over a small creek, in the middle of the English countryside. That’s right. 22,000 sheets of large square paper were carefully stacked over a temporary wood frame, creating enough compression so that the paper bridge could be entirely self-supporting – no glue, staples or screws. Just the way the Romans did it! After the installation was completed earlier this month, thousands of people (and animals) have since traversed it. Honestly, wow.



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Nanushka Fall 2015

It was Scandinavian mythology that was the inspiration for designer Sandra Sandor’s fall collection for Nanushka. All the wonderful textures and patterns, like fur, fringe and plaid, are a nod to Nordic folk culture. The more modern silhouettes, like bell sleeved tops, wide leg trousers and exaggerated turtlenecks, have that 70s vibe. And the amazing color combinations, mixing vivid orange with soft lavender and bold cobalt blue with muted nude . . . well, that’s Nanushka for you. So good.



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Hosting A Midweek Game Night

The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up nicely. This time of year is just begging for more outdoor entertaining, something that I absolutely live for. I know the thought of hosting a guests during the workweek can seem formidable – I mean, there are some nights where I’m so exhausted, I can hardly wrap my head around what to even order from a takeout menu. But if you’ve got just a few minutes to spare, you can easily whip together an impressive spread for your guests. Today, in collaboration with #TargetStyle, I’ll be giving you tips on how to spruce up your backyard for a midweek game night with friends.



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