Kids Patches + DIY Backpack

It’s no secret that I love patches. I’ve even got Quincy jumping on the bandwagon! He recently started his own collection, while stopping through gift shops and visitor centers on our little summertime excursions. By the way, those are the best places to find mementos like patches and pins. With pre-k starting next week, we thought start a little project together by adding his favorite iron-ons to his new backpack. I love that he has a story for every single patch and I just know he’s chomping at the bit to share them with his classmates on his first day of school. I’m excited to add more as more adventures with my little guy await. And of course, Coco, who looks up to her big brother in every way, needed to get in on the fun to . . .



Girls Night In, Summer Edition

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. With struggling to balance the scales between family and work these days, I’m finding myself spending less time simply relaxing with friends. So before Abe and I whisk the kids away on our end of summer vacation, I thought I’d host a little outdoor gathering at my friend Ariel‘s new house. She just recently moved to the neighborhood from Los Angeles, shortly before the birth of her second baby, so the idea was to dress up her stunning backyard for a midweek happy hour with my favorite girls. Pillows, throws and flowers were brought in to warm up the space. Convenience is of the essence, especially after a long work day, so I whipped together an impressive, yet totally easy, cheese and charcuterie platter. And a fireside get together was the perfect occasion for an EDWARDS® Desserts Hershey’s S’mores Créme Pie. A cookie crumb crust is topped with a rich chocolate filling and a fluffy, toasted marshmallow meringue. I love this twist on a classic summer treat – and the fact that it’s so easy to serve! Friends, cheese, wine, pie and a s’mores pie?! It doesn’t get better than that. And what a great reminder to myself to that all it takes is a little effort and few simple elements to make time for connecting with friends. Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone!


Bliss and Mischief Collector Fit Denim

Hillary Justin knows her denim. She’s been sourcing vintage Levi’s, embroidering them with her signature Western motifs and garnering a serious fan base since 2014. But in the recent year, with the rise in popularity of vintage denim, sourcing became more difficult. Relying on her adept knowledge of material and fit, Hillary and her team at Bliss and Mischief created the Collector Fit. It’s a timeless button fly silhouette, made with 100% non stretch deadstock denim, with a high rise and straight leg. The Collector Fit also solves those vintage denim problems with a shorter, ankle length crop and a roomier, more forgiving bottom. I can’t wait to put a pair to the test . . . and when I do, I’ll be sure to report back!


Shared Bedrooms For Kids

My daughter Coco is almost 1 and a half and the transition to her own room is long overdue. Our house has three bedrooms, one of which we’d like to save for our guests – especially the grandparents, who travel to visit us frequently. So we’re toying with the idea of having Coco share a bedroom with her 4 year old brother, at least for a couple of years until we come across a more preferred choice for the both of them. I’ve always loved gender-neutral children’s bedrooms and am inspired by these super fun and charming examples. Now, the only question stands: twins or bunk?


Kenesha Sneed

After spending years as a motion graphics designer and art director, Kenesha Sneed discovered her true passion after taking a local ceramics class in Los Angeles. Her desire to create functional ceramic pieces that reflected her love of illustration and her California roots was the impetus for her brand Tactile Matter. And although she’s best known for her organically shaped pots and quirky coffee mugs, I’m personally smitten with her recent paintings of women. The colors and the forms are captivating its their self evident confidence that is most inspiring.


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