Impossible Geometry

What seems like a digitally superimposed graphic over a photograph is actually an optical illusion. Artist and photographer Fanette Guilloud is able to create these real life illusions by using a technique called anamorphic projection, similar to the work of Felice Varini, where an image only comes together as one when viewed from a specific angle. She meticulously paints over surfaces, of varying depths, in abandoned buildings in locations throughout Toulouse, Bordeaux and in the French Alps near Lyon. They’re mind blowing and I absolutely love them.


Nanushka Resort 2017

The incessant rain has been cramping my style. So much so that I spent the majority of my day yesterday researching vacation destinations in warmer climates. I’m craving the feeling of the sun beaming on my face, wherever that might be. And Nanushka‘s resort collection is making that longing even more desperate. Gimme all the frayed linen culottes, smocked jumpsuits, deconstructed cotton camis and oversized knit sweaters! In every color under the sun . . .


DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Happy first day of Spring! Or should I say, pom pom season? It’s usually this time of year when I start adding pom poms and tassels to everything. Not to say this kind of flair isn’t appropriate all year round. But there’s just something about warmer weather that makes whimsical accessories that much more fun to wear. Today, we’re making pom pom earrings! All you need is a few items from your local hardware store and a couple of pom poms. Easy.

You’ll need:


Spotted: Vintage Souvenir Straw Bags

There’s no doubt that at some point during my childhood, I convinced my parents to buy me a straw tote while on vacation, emblazoned with the word “Mexico” across it. Or maybe it was the “Bahamas” – I can’t remember. And I can only assume that it was during my college years that I found it tacky enough to purge. Sad. With spring on the horizon, I’m newly obsessed with vintage souvenir straw bags. They’re the perfect, most whimsical item to carry into summer, wouldn’t you agree? Check out some of my favorite finds after the jump!


Warren King’s Cardboard Sculptures

Sculptor Warren King has been recreating residents of a small village in China, where his grandparents grew up, for several years now. I should mention that his only mediums are old cardboard moving boxes and glue. What?! The life sized figures brought such a deep connection between him and his cultural heritage, that the series has become an ongoing project for the American born artist. His goal is that one day, he will have constructed over 200 figures. The layering of clothing, the facial expressions and the body postures are so incredibly true to life, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for my own grandparents.


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