Tiny, Happy People

Things have only gotten better since we last featured illustrator Joanne Ho‘s series of people, seen far off in the distance, swimming. Like, basking-in-the-sun-life-is-so-good kinda swimming. The New Zealand based artist’s latest series exudes more confidence and vibrancy than her previous work. Perhaps it’s her choice of a more opaque medium, bolder colors or change in perspective – either way, I’m digging it. And I’m also wishing I was one of those tiny, happy people right about now . . .


Alexis Summer 2017

The multicultural Miami woman was the inspiration for mother and daughter duo Ana and Alexis Barbara’s label Alexis. The brand has become one of my favorites when it comes to finding a statement blouse or special occassion dress. I can always expect a well tailored piece of clothing with just the right excess of flair. Their latest collection is chock full of sweet patterns, delicate crochet details, and exaggerated ruffles – perfect for a summer of weddings and warm weather getaways.


The Estate Trentham

If I ever get myself to Australia, I’m definitely making my way to The Estate Trentham, a countryside retreat just an hour outside of Melbourne. The three bedroom house, originally built in 1902, was recently restored by design agency Gardener & Marks. Designer Lyn Gardener’s style of mixing old and new, and love of neutral colors, natural elements and raw materials, meant that preserving the house’s original character was paramount in the renovation process. I love the way the rich caramel tones of the lighting and furniture contrast against the crisp white walls. The grey hues, in the form of cement fireplaces and bi-colored walls, are cool and dreamy. And with a vegetable garden and mini orchard on the grounds, and verandas that wrap around the entire home, how can one not feel completely at peace here? Going.


Charmed By Foundrae

If you love estate and heirloom jewelry, then let me reintroduce you to Foundrae. New York designer Beth Bugdaycay is creating modern heirlooms with heart and soul. Victorian inspired rings, bracelets and charms are inscribed, using an age-old enameling technique, with ancient Egyptian motifs, Spanish words and spiritual symbols. I first found became smitten with her collection of cigar band and signet rings and now, I can’t stop obsessing over her collection of charms. I adore the idea of collecting the customizable tokens as a way to mark life’s most memorable milestones. Plus, her new blush and bourdeaux enamel color ways are pure perfection!


DIY Ikea Signe Rug Bag

It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot into an Ikea. I’m sure it’s because at some point in my twenties, I finally swore off ever having to assemble another dresser with a hex key again. Never again. After my first real job, there was a lot of pride in thinking I was above build-it-yourself furniture, paper lanterns, plastic waste baskets and Swedish meatballs. Oh, how out of touch I’ve been. My recent visit to Ikea set off a hundred lightbulbs and I was probably most excited when I came across a huge bin of $3.99 woven rugs. Hello!! This is what I’ve been missing out on? DIY, DIY, DIY, DIY. The Signe rug is far too small for its intended use. It is, however, the perfect size for so many other things, including a large market tote. Bingo. After brining home the rug in every color way (I had forgotten how you always spend more than you plan to at Ikea), I experimented and created the easiest method to creating the perfect summer beach bag. And just you wait, there will be many more Ikea inspired tutorials (or should I say “hacks”) coming soon!

You’ll need:


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