DIY Drop Pocket Jeans

I have an obsession with reworking denim. The addiction has justified my reasoning for never getting rid of jeans, much to my husband’s chagrin, no matter how old they are. Really, there’s nothing that a pair of scissors can’t overhaul. To date, we’ve patched holes, fringed cuffs, embroidered waistlines and shortened uneven hems. And thanks to a set of drop pockets on a pair of beautifully reworked vintage denim, from cult label Vetements, I’ve been newly inspired. My version is a much simpler interpretation of the original, which is actually made up of two pairs of vintage denim (perhaps this explains the $1400 price tag?!), and all you need is a seam ripper and the most basic sewing skills. Cheeky!

You’ll need:

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Reformation x Patagonia

Patagonia has always been my outdoor apparel of choice. Not only because of the clothing’s superior quality and performance, but also because of the company’s mission to give back to the environment that has been impacted by the their use of resources and production of limited waste. In one year alone, Patagonia has donated 6.2 million to fund environmental work. And since their philanthropy program started in 1985, they’ve given 70 million to non profits and in the form of grants. So when environmentally sustainable label Reformation launched a curated collection of Patagonia puffer jackets and fleece pullovers this week, we thought it was match made in do-gooder heaven. Plus, the styling is so point! The best investment for your fall and winter wardrobe, for sure.



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Museum Of Selfies

Olivia Muus knew she was onto something after taking a photo, with a friend, on a trip to the National Gallery of Denmark. It turns out, manipulating an old painting, in the form of a selfie, can give a character’s facial expression an entirely new meaning. So it was then that a Tumblr account was born and Olivia could continue her cheeky art project and encourage others to submit their own museum selfies. The result is downright amusing and hilarious! The next time you’re at a museum and find yourself in front of a historic portrait, maybe try your hand at your own #museumofselfie. But remember, no flash please.



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Bodil Jane

I love these illustrations from Dutch artist Bodil Jane. Her female subjects bring such attitude and sass and their living spaces possess so much beautiful detail and character, I can’t help but want to be a part of her make believe world.



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