DIY Vintage Staircase Runner

Since we moved into our house nearly three years ago, I’ve been toying with the the idea of adding a carpet runner to our staircase – if only for the practical purpose of softening the sounds of shoes, particularly heels, loudly clanking up and down our wooden steps. Honestly, sometimes it sounds as if a stampede of elephants is descending upon our household. But after seeing the ingenious way Megan Pflug, the DIY expert at One Kings Lane, installed a series of vintage runners in the staircase of Anthony D’Argenzio’s, of one of my favorite Instagram accounts Zio & Sons, foyer, this looming project is an absolute must do. I am officially on the hunt for vintage runners. Stay tuned . . .





Kathleen Whitaker Classic

If there’s a single designer that dominates my jewelry collection right now, it would be Kathleen Whitaker. The addiction began with her signature gold, staple earring – perfect in its elegant simplicity. Since then, I’ve added several more pieces to my repertoire. And yes, I’ve even added more piercings to my ears just to accommodate her delicate geometric studs, sticks and cuffs. Lucky for me, the LA based designer has been keeping busy lately, launching an updated site with new classic pieces like ball studs, stick brooches and über thin bracelets and neck chains. What else do I possibly need?



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Popp & Scott

How good are these painted planters from Australian design duo Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson? Chic pots are not easy to find – especially sizable ones, big enough for large plants. So you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this colorful, graphic collection. The only foreseeable issue is whether or not they ship to the US . . .




5 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

Yet another glorious summer has come to an end and as usual, the transition into fall has been rough. But the mourning period never seems to last too long, especially when cooler temperatures allow for accessorizing with something as classic and chic as a silk scarf. I’ve teamed up with Etsy to show a variety of ways to amp up your fall style with colorful silk scarves. I just adore vintage scarves, especially those designed by the iconic mid century, American designer Vera Neumann. They’re so wonderfully graphic and vivid in color! I also love vintage scarves from luxury labels Chanel, Hermes and Gucci – they never go out of style. Ever. A small square scarf, for example, is perfect for tying around the neck, ankle or strap of a handbag. Larger square scarves are ideal for wrapping around the waist or enveloping a hairdo. Fold, wrap and tie. It’s easy as pie. Put those trendy cotton bandanas away and try a silk scarf this season!


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Neutral, Nomadic Territory

In early 2014, Danish designer Malene Birger left her eponymous label to pursue her passion for interiors with a design studio based in London. Birger1964 is a reflection of the self-proclaimed nomad, whose own flat is made up of treasures picked up through her many travels, from the Middle East to Africa and her years spent living Mallorca and Palma. In fact, her home is styled to showcase her own line of products, which include lamps, art, rugs, and furniture. Despite the fact the nearly every square inch of her floors and walls are dotted with art and objects, there is a comforting sense of calm that wanderlusts, like us, always hope to achieve.





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