Dylanlex Rings

Dylanlex‘s loyal Instagram followers, us included, have been pleading to know more about the mind blowing rings founder Drew Ginsburg so brilliantly styles and is almost never without. Are you selling those rings?! Need those rings!! Where can I find those rings?! Ask and you shall receive. A collection of elaborate single and two piece stunners has finally launched yesterday – just in time for the holidays. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, 7 new neck pieces are also available, making our wish lists even longer.



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Bel & Skar

Designer Bella Milbank has taken the raw and organic shapes that surround us in nature and reinterpreted them to create a stunning collection of jewelry. Pieces from the Verté collection, under her new label Bel & Skar, were mostly adapted from plant and bone structures which have been cut, reshaped and modified into abstract motifs that are edgy and unexpectedly elegant. One of my favorite pieces is the Starburst necklace, which is made up of black pearls and forms models after a snake’s vertebrae.



DIY Leather Fringe Clutch

Doing something as easy as adding fringe to a simple leather clutch will make you wonder how one could live with a such a boring frill-less pouch to begin with. I dare you to do this tutorial and resist the urge to give another accessory the fringe treatment. Because honestly, everything is better with fringe.


You’ll need:

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