Holiday Traditions

Every year on Christmas Eve, since the year he was born, my husband and his siblings open a single present  – each person receives a small box containing a special, significant ornament. It’s a family custom that has been passed down from multiple generations and Gap recently paid witness to our newly adapted tradition for their Styld.By holiday campaign. Quincy is now old enough to appreciate our ever growing collection of eclectic ornaments, which makes decorating the Christmas tree so exciting and memorable. We got him an adorable alligator ornament this year, which we hope will remind him of our trip to New Orleans this fall. Are there any holiday traditions that your family has carried on?


DIY Jeweled Heels

I’ve accumulated quite the collection of vintage costume jewelry over the years. I’m always on the lookout for flawed treasures or irresistible bargains that are just waiting to be added into my craft stockpile as they make for the perfect addition when zhuzhing up a pair of shoes or building a statement piece of jewelry. So naturally, Céline’s fall must-have shoe, a pair of block heeled shoes emblazoned with dripping rhinestones and pearls, was just begging to be recreated with supplies I already had on hand. Holiday footwear dilemma solved.

You’ll need:

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The Modern Wreath

With leftover tree trimmings, inexpensive bunches of holiday greens from my local market, kitchen twine and a yard of scrap leather lacing, I couldn’t resist dressing our front door with a little homemade Christmas swag. I love all the modern interpretations of the classic wreath – they’re beautifully simple and surprisingly easy to assemble, it makes me wonder why we don’t leave them up all year round! In case you feel so inspired, here are some examples that might spur some weekend crafting ideas:



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