After recently cleaning out my jewelry collection, I was motivated to save a much neglected set of brass bangles by giving it a summer-inspired overhaul. And since there isn’t anything some colorful embroidery floss and gold charms can’t fix, this transformation was easily executed with supplies already laying around in my craft closet.


You’ll need:

  • a set of bangles 
  • a variety of embroidery floss
  • a variety of charms
  • several 6mm and 7mm jump rings
  • E6000 glue
  • a toothpick
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • scissors


Start by applying a small amount of glue to the tip of a toothpick. Place a drop of glue onto one area of the bangle.


Place the end of the embroidery floss on the glue and start wrapping tightly around the bangle.


Once you’ve wrapped past the glued section, you don’t need to pay attention to wrapping so precisely. Instead, wrap a generous amount around the bangle and then use your fingers to push the section together.


Continue wrapping until you’ve reached the end. Add a dab of glue onto the bangle and finish wrapping.


Using two pairs of pliers, start attaching jump rings and charms.


One down, more to go.


Have fun with this . . .


. . . the more charms and colors, the better!


(images by HonestlyWTF)