I’m addicted to collecting vintage rhinestone necklaces. Not only can they be inexpensive, they are great pieces to DIY with since most of the time, they are much too small to fit comfortably around the neck. And thanks to the jewelry trailblazers behind Lulu Frost, Dylanlex and Dannijo, I was inspired to rework some sparklers that were just not sufficient enough to wear on their own. It’s a straightforward project, as long as you have the right tools and tips . . . which of course, I’ll share with you. Follow along!


You’ll need:


For this particular project, I used 2 vintage rhinestone necklaces and 2 antique silver chains. The idea is to alternate between chain and rhinestone necklaces – I wanted to use the silver curb chain as my base, then a rhinestone necklace with a repetitive pattern, then another thinner, flatter silver chain and then finish with a more decorative rhinestone necklace – preferably with some graduation and a center drop. And since each necklace will get shorter and shorter, I picked rhinestone necklaces that had designs and patterns on the lower halves. Each necklace and chain also needs to have some sort of open link to attach jump rings to.

Start by laying the base chain down first. Then layer the rhinestone necklace right below it. Adjust the opening of the necklace as if it’s laying on your neck.


Open a jump ring and hook it between two rhinestone links.


Attach it to a link on the chain and close tightly.


Lay it flat, into the same starting position. The bottom necklace should be hugging the chain. Repeat on the other side. Then, before adding a third jump ring in the middle, count the number of links to make sure the 2 middle points match. Hold it up to the neck to make sure the jump rings don’t need adjusting before trimming off the tail ends of the rhinestone necklace.


Lay the next chain component along the bottom of the last layer. Using a jump ring, attach it to a link on the rhinestone necklace.


Repeat on the other side and add another link in the middle. Hold up against the neck to make sure no adjustments need to be made before trimming the chain. If the sections between the jump rings are collapsing, it might need to be tightened or loosened by removing a jump ring and inching outwards or inwards.


Lastly, lay the final rhinestone necklace component along the last layer. Add jump rings to attach.


Hold up against the neck again before trimming the necklace. Add a lobster clasp and a large jump ring to the ends of the base chain.


Go back and add any additional jump rings after trying on the necklace. It should lay flat!


Your revamped vintage necklaces have been transformed into a WOW piece. Have fun!


(images by HonestlyWTF)