Collecting vintage costume jewelry is a weakness of mine. By looking at my collection of vintage rhinestone ear clips, however, you would never guess that my ears actually don’t take well to clip ons. Naturally, my justification for hoarding these unnecessary gems is the ability to transform them into more befitting accessories . . . like shoe clips! They are the perfect way to transform a pair of simple flats or pumps. If the ear clip hinges are strong enough, they can simply clamp on the shoes as they are. And if they aren’t, I’ll show you a super easy method for turning them into a sturdy pair of shoe clips.

You’ll need:

Start using the pliers to wiggle the ear clip hinge back and forth from the base. It will eventually snap off entirely. Open the blank shoe clip and apply a good amount of glue on the outer flat surface.

Press it against the backside of the earring. Make sure the area the shoe clip is being adhered to is larger than the shoe clip. Repeat on the other earring and allow to dry for at least a few hours.

Shoe clips have 2 small metal prongs, which attach to the underside of the shoes, that keep the clip fastened securely. The top is smooth so that it doesn’t do any damage to the shoes.

If smaller earrings aren’t sizable enough, they can be combined into one. Apply E6000 along the side of a earring. Press another earrings against it and reinforce the area with more glue from the backside. Allow to dry for at least a few hours.

Apply a good amount of glue to the blank area of the shoe clip and press it against the backside of the earring. Repeat and allow to dry.

Clip them onto your favorite pair of flats!

Interchange the clips if you wish . . .

and step on out!

(flats by Madewell available here and here; all images by HonestlyWTF)