Ever since we first played around with paper marbling, using shaving cream and food coloring, I haven’t been able to stop. Not only is fun, it’s absolutely addicting. Perhaps it’s because you are able to surprise yourself with a flawless pattern every time. Or that it’s so easy, your kids can do it too. But over time, I’ve accumulated enough pieces of cardstock to last me at least a few years of thank you’s and hi, how are you’s. So why not transfer these beautiful pieces of art into textiles and other tangible products? Say hello to Shutterfly . . .



All I did was marble a few pieces of paper using hues from my living room: blues, grays and golds. (If you haven’t tried marbling paper with shaving cream and food coloring, go to your grocery store NOW. It’s the easiest and most addicting technique – you won’t believe the incredible designs you can make. It’s impossible to mess it up, trust me.) After letting the paper dry for 5 minutes, I took a photo of 3 different patterns. I uploaded the images to Shutterfly and in just a couple of days, a pile of beautiful pillows and a chic acrylic tray arrived at my doorstep.





I love the idea of turning your own one of kind artwork into home decor. And with options like rugs, plates and blankets, the possibilities are truly endless. Imagine all the beautiful things you can create by making your mark as your own textile designer!



(images by Ashley Batz)