As much as I honestly love jewelry of all types, the one thing you’ll most likely never find me wearing is a single strand of pearls. There is something about this classic piece that is just a bit too buttoned down for me. However add a bit of metal in the form of gold safety pins, à la Tom Binns, and I’m all over it! This necklace is so easy to make and is the perfect way to temporarily (or permanently) funk up those pearls that are starting to collect dust in your jewelry box.

You’ll need:

Start in the center of the necklace and attach 1-2 safety pins between each pearl, working outwards. Connect the vertical safety pins with a horizontal one.

Continue adding safety pins between all the pearls. I added 2 each time, alternating between 2 larger pins, 2 smaller pins and one of each.

Go back and connect the rest of the vertical pins, grouping 4-5 at a time with a horizontal one.

Keep working – the more random the better!

And just like that, your Tom Binns-inspired necklace is finished!

(Acne Sunglasses, Sass & Bide Capelet; all images by HonestlyWTF)