Karl Lagerfeld turned up the ol’ pearl game about 100 notches with ginormous pearl necklaces, bracelets and rings for Chanel‘s spring collection. Costumey, over-the-top and DIYable . . . I was sold. Next came the painstakingly long search for the largest pearls I could find and in my hunt for pearls, came the inspiration to make rings inspired by Russian designer Maria Stern‘s super chic double pearl rings. It’s a pearl party and everyone is invited!


You’ll need (for the pearl choker):

You’ll need (for the pearl rings):


Use a pair of heavy duty wire clippers and clip off the clasp of the choker.


I’m using 30mm pearl beads here since they were the largest I could find. Ideally, I would have liked to use a half drilled pearl bead but I couldn’t find that either – but was able to find a solution to cover up the other holes. After trimming the clasp off the choker, add a good amount of E6000 to the end of a toothpick and fill one side of the bead with glue. Insert the ends of the choker halfway into the bead and allow to dry completely overnight.


Trim the ball end headpin and add the bead cap.


Apply a line of glue along the headpin and insert it into the other holes. Allow to dry completely.


For the pearl rings, I’m used super thin rings that fit perfectly into the half drilled Swarovski pearls. Since smaller half drilled pearls are pretty easy to come by, I wanted to make them asymmetrical. To start, cut just a small piece out of the ring.


Carefully squeeze super glue into the holes of the pearls. Attach them to each opening of the ring and allow to dry completely.


Once the ring has dried completely, you can bend the pearls up to help mold the ring to fit your finger.


The rings I ordered came in a set of 5 so it was impossible to make just one!


Pearls for days!


(images by HonestlyWTF)