There’s nothing better than the first sight of pumpkins in early October . . . a sign that fall is officially here and the holidays are soon to follow. While I’ll be carving a few shapely gourds in time for Halloween next week, I was inspired to decoupage a small batch with paint and black lace. They’re delightfully ghoulish and a great way to keep those pumpkins lasting longer!

You’ll need:

Start by painting the pumpkin with a light colored paint.

Allow it to dry completely before adding a second coat. Use a smaller brush to paint the stem black.

Position the first applique on the dried pumpkin. Apply a single coat of Mod Podge over the applique. Repeat the step on any additional appliques and allow to dry completely.

Try different techniques like decoupaging a strip of thick fabric lace around the bottom of a pumpkin. This might require turning the pumpkin on its side and allowing different sections to dry at at time. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

(tutorial adapted from Country Living; all images by HonestlyWTF)