Halloween is my holiday . . . or at least it was before this year. With a house renovation and an infant on my already full plate, DIYing a head-to-toe costume has taken a backseat to other priorities. But despite how busy I am, I will not go without something to wear. Inspired by Maison Michel‘s lace bunny ears and everyone’s favorite Disney character, these easy to make Mickey Mouse ears are how I’m cheating my way through Halloween 2013.


You’ll need:

  • black lace
  • a wide plastic headband
  • black wire
  • a needle and black thread
  • E6000
  • a toothpick
  • pliers (optional)


Start by wrapping the wire around a glass jar. I wanted my ears large so I tried finding the largest jar in my kitchen. Mold the wire tightly around the jar and twist closed. Use the pliers here for help. Trim the wire with wire cutters, leaving 3-4 inches on each side.


Place the form on top of the lace.


Dip a toothpick in some E6000 and place small dots of glue underneath several points around the wire form. Press down until it sets. Thread a needle with black thread and start stitching the wire form onto the lace.


Work around the form, pulling the lace taut every several stitches. Tie off the string into a triple knot when finished. Take fabric shears and trim away any excess lace. I like to leave a half inch of extra lace around the perimeter.


Bend the coiled wire perpendicular to the backside of the lace circle. Tuck it under the headband and twist the wire ends around the headband.


Make sure the wire ends at the top of the headband and not the bottom – you don’t want this scratching at your head!




(images by HonestlyWTF)