It’s no secret that I have a weakness for vintage costume jewelry. I’ve accumulated such a sizable collection over the years, that a lot of it never really gets much day to day wear. So after sorting through my own assortment and acquiring some beautiful new pieces from Etsy, I transformed vintage brooches and rhinestone necklaces into beautiful and luxurious hair accessories. You’ll be surprised at how incredibly quick and easy it is to repurpose some of your favorite jewelry. And to all you future brides, this is the perfect something old!


You’ll need:


Vintage brooches or ear clips make great hair pins. It’s as easy as taking a pair of simple wire cutters and clipping off the pin from the back of the piece.


Make sure the backside is flat by snipping away any raised edges with the wire cutters. Place the top of the hair comb on top of a dollop of E6000 glue. These mini haircombs from FancyGoods are perfect. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before wearing.


Tuck the hair comb in your do.



A simple rhinestone necklace can make a beautiful hairpiece. Simply remove the clasp components, on each end, with a pair of wire cutters. Place a small dollop of glue on top of the hair comb.


Place the end of the rhinestone necklace on the glue and allow to dry for 12 hours.


Tuck a comb into one side of your head and wrap it around to the other side. If you want a more subtle look, you can take pieces of hair throughout and wrap them around the necklace.



If you love a single motif in a necklace but not the necklace itself, you can easily remove them to create mini hair pins. Clip away the motifs with the wire cutter.


Place a dollop of E6000 to the top of the mini hair clips.


Flip the motifs over and place the hair combs to the center. If the motifs are curved, the combs will have a hard time staying in place to dry properly. I like to take a damp paper towel, crumple it up and place the hair combs on it to dry. You can manipulate the combs so that they lay level. Dry for 12 hours.


Scatter them throughout an updo or try pinning them across some side swept bangs.



(this post was created in partnership with Etsy; hair by Nichole Kreps; photography by Ashley Batz)