We were instantly inspired by this gorgeous rainbow fishtail braid in Free People‘s September catalog and decided to recreate it, adding our own little twist: making the braid into a wearable hat accessory. Who said braids were limited to summer and hair?

You’ll need:
– a pair of scissors
– some multi-colored yarn
– a hat

Cut about 40 strands of yarn about 3 feet long, knot at one end leaving a several inches of slack, and divide into two sections. Pull 4 strands of yard from the outside of the left section and add it to the right side. Do the same to the other side–pull 4 strands of yarn from the outside of the right section and add it to the left side. Repeat the steps until the desired length is achieved and secure it with a knot, leaving at least 6″ of slack at the end. Fluff the braid by gently pulling apart both sides.

Transform your hat with your new fishtail braid by securing it with a piece of yarn, safety pin or elastic band!

(all images by Honestly…WTF)