The moment I spotted these colorfully wrapped reindeer and moose at Anthropologie last December, I knew I had to DIY it for HonestlyWTF this holiday season. Created in the style of vibrant Chindi rugs from Jaipur, India, these wrapped reindeer are incredibly fun to make, are a clever way to repurpose old t-shirts, and make fabulous gifts!

You’ll need:

Start by cutting the fabric, along the width, into 1″ strips. For a medium sized paper mache object, 26-30 strips should suffice. Pull at both ends of each strip of jersey. The ends will curl under, making the fabric easy to twist. Take two strips of contrasting colors and tie the tops together into a tight knot.

Beginning in the middle of the torso will serve as the guideline. Glue the knot to the bottom of the reindeer. Let the glue dry completely. Then twist the fabric by rolling it between the forefinger and thumb, creating a two-toned rope. Glue the rope down, with drops of hot glue, while wrapping it around the body of the reindeer.

Continue twisting, glueing, and wrapping. Be sure place drops of glue into all the curves, spending a few extra seconds to press the rope down into the crevices until the glue sets.

As the rope begins to runs out, tie a knot at the end. Twist, glue the knot down, and trim away any excess fabric. Take another set of colors, tie into a knot, trim the ends, and glue the knot to where the previous color left off.

Keep wrapping and again, follow the contours of the reindeer. The face will be the most difficult so the best method is to first glue two small pom poms to the eye area. Then start wrapping at the tip of the nose, spiraling outwards.

There will be areas where wrapping all the way around won’t be an option. Instead, try coiling or zigzagging the fabric. Remember to reinforce with glue!

Tie on a few jingle bells around the neck and/or feet . . .

And your Chindi reindeer is finished!!

(Chindi Reindeer $198; rest of images by HonestlyWTF)