This week’s DIY, requested by a reader, was inspired by the abundant and delightful use of pearls in Chanel‘s Spring 2012 Collection. Though I’m usually not the biggest fan of pearls, I actually fell in love with the way Karl affixed them along the back of necks and pushed oversized ones into loose updos. His modern interpretation of the underwater gem just goes to show that pearls can be worn any day, at any age! With a few easy steps, you’ll be able to whip up a handful of pearl hairpins as fast as you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” 10 times. Backwards.

You’ll need:

Start by cutting off a 5 inch piece of wire. Fold the wire in half. With the flat nose pliers, flatten the fold. (Click images to enlarge)

Put a few drops of super glue onto the tip of the folded part and insert it into the pearl.

Allow it to dry completely. Spread the two wires apart. Lay the pearl on the bobby pin and start wrapping one side of the wire around the top of the pin.

Continue to wrap tightly 5-6 times.

Now, secure the pearl by wrapping the other side around the bottom half of the pin.

Snip the wires and reinforce it with a few drops of super glue.

Your pearl hairpins are finished!!

Tuck a few pins into an updo or use a couple to pin back a few flyaways!

(top image from here, rest of images by HonestlyWTF)