We are smitten with Stella McCartney‘s floral ensembles from her Spring 2011 collection, inspired by 18th and 19th century botanical prints. The studies by notable botanists Robert John Thornton and Pierre Joseph Redouté are so incredibly lovely and vibrant that we too were inspired to add a bit of floral flair to our own clothing.

You’ll need:
– an old jacket or blazer (we used a vintage army coat)
– iron on transfers for dark clothing
– botanical images (we used images from Redouté)
– a printer
– a pair of scissors
– an iron

Follow the instructions that accompany the iron on transfer papers, as they drastically vary depending on the brand. Search for floral images on the internet and print several large scale images. Precisely cut out the flowers, leaving some leaves and/or stems attached. Arrange and overlap the flowers on your jacket. Iron the transfers to the jacket. To clean, wash your garment inside out in cold water and dry in very low heat or let air dry. (Click images to enlarge).

We chose to add flowers to a small portion of this jacket, but feel free to go wild!

(top image from Hanneli, botanical images from herehere, here and here, rest of images from Honestly…WTF)