The holidays are here and once again, we’re stuck wondering how it all snuck up on us once again. Have no fear – we’ve scrambled to round up some of the best gifts for the country girls, city girls, jetsetters, men and little ones in your life. Most of which we can personally vouch for and some of which we are hoping to receive ourselves! First up is a collection of gift ideas for the girl who lives for the outdoors, doesn’t mind getting dirt under her fingernails, and craves being on the open road.


1. Kapital Yellow Leather Bandana $190 – Each piece of leather is handcut and printed with a bandana pattern. The little concho button allows you to fasten it around the neck. So unique and badass!

2. Freda Salvador Comet Ankle Boot $625 – We live in Freda Salvador’s shoes and boots. These ankle boots come with a removable ankle charm and come in the richest dark camel brown color.

3. “Good Luck” Clovers $10 – Can you think of anything more special gifting someone a bag full of lucky three and four leaf clovers?!

4. Vintage Sarod $2,250 – The Sarod has to be one of the most beautiful instruments in the world – this vintage wonder is a gem and makes for the perfect object to be displayed in the home.

5. Home Is Where You Park It Photo Book $65 – The perfect book to inspire the ultimate cross country road trip.

6. The Outsiders Photo Book $60 – A photo book for that someone who lives for the outdoors.

7. Westerlind Cord Felt Hat $98 – Love this hat for it’s shape and drawstring fastener for practicality.

8. Tom Dixon Quill Bookmark $17 – Every bookworm needs a gold plated quill bookmark, no?

9. Bocce Ball Set $149 – We’ve been eying this chrome bocce ball set for years now. Anyone??

10. Double Feather Turquoise Ring $278 – This authentic Native American turquoise ring is an absolute stunner. Did you know turquoise is known for its positive healing energy?

11. Custom Wolf Address Stamp $65 – A custom drawn return address stamp – so RAWR!

12. Cowichan Sweater $450 – This wool sweater, handmade by the members of the Cowichan tribe in British Columbia, is so chic and timeless.

13. Leather Camp Stool $169 – One can’t possible go glamping without a folding leather camp stool!

14. Reindeer Hose Holder $898 – This would make gardening that much more enjoyable, I promise.

15. Beanie $36 – These beanies are knitted from the softest baby alpaca from Peru.

16. Chicken Coop $320 – Fresh eggs each morning? Yes, let’s get some chickens!

17. Brass Whistle $14 – A charming little brass whistle charm to hang off a set of keychains or on a dog’s leash in case they run off during those long hikes.

18. Hudson Bay Thermos $40 – To match their Hudson Bay blanket, of course.

19. Basket Pack $104 – A lightweight rattan pack basket for all of that farmer’s market loot.