This season on the Tibi runway, low ponytails were loosely tied and tucked into hoods and sweaters for that carefree, lived-in look. To recreate the style is as simple as protecting clean hair first with L’Oreal’s Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight Crème and then roughly blowdrying it for volume. Adding a few wavy curls through the midsection helps give it that extra volume. Then pull the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, secure it with a hair band, and wrap a section of hair around the band to cover it. Pull out a few pieces to loosen the look, spray with our favorite Elnett for hold, and voila, you’ve got an effortlessly chic ponytail . . . with very little effort. No sweat!

 (Tibi backstage images by HonestlyWTF, rest via &