After spotting these gold striped nails on jewelry designer Anna Sheffield‘s Instagram, I knew I had to recreate it. All it took was a little bit of research online, where I discovered something called nail striping tape, which is the key to masking off the perfect geometric nail art and creating metallic lines without using polish. Have I been living under a rock?! The stuff is so easy to work with – just add top coat – and super cheap – about $2 for 10 rolls of multi-colored metallic tape that should last you a lifetime. This will be how I’ll be dressing up my nails this summer!


You’ll need:


Start with a clean manicure, free of any lotions on your nails. Find the beginning of the tape and align it with the very edge of the nail, just barely touching the cuticles.


Snip the tape, leaving some slack. Continue making patterns on the rest of the nails. Use tweezers to help align the tape.


Use nail clippers or cuticle clippers to cut the tape as close to the edge of the nail as possible. Press down the edges before adding a layer of top coat.


Allow to dry.


And there you have it – gold striped nails!


(images by HonestlyWTF)