The moment I met Shaney jo Darden, the co-founder of The Keep A Breast Foundation, I was instantly moved and inspired. After a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age, Shaney was motivated to expose young women to methods of prevention, early detection and support through the use of art and artistic expression. Their Treasured Chest Program gives women who are diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document their journeys with a hand-made plaster form of their torsos, which they hand paint as a part of their therapy. And occasionally, the foundation will cast athletes, musicians, and actors and pair them with artists such as Shepard Ferry, Nick Walker, and Dalek to help raise funds. I feel so honored to be one of many castees for the Tokyo LOVE Show, as part of the official launch of Keep A Breast Japan. Proceeds from the sale of all casts will benefit Keep A Breast Japan‘s breast cancer awareness and prevention programs. Take a moment to check out the beautiful casts and help spread the word . . . you might even find mine in there somewhere!

(Keep A Breast Foundation casts $500 – $2500)