Whether you’re an avid art collecter or simply art impaired, there is no denying that art plays a key role in creating the look, feel, and atmosphere of any room. The problem, for some, is being intimidated by the abounding choices and the presumption of high price tags. And even though we consider ourselves lovers of art, we’re definitely no exception when it comes to being challenged by picking the “right piece.” Enter Art.com. A few weeks ago we were invited to Art.com’s 25 Summit, where we were able to see the launch of their new, easy-to-navigate online experience. With the ability to narrow down searches by period, color, artist and/or subject, as well as being able to choose from a selection of handcrafted custom frames, we dare you to not get sucked into the process of customizing you’re own wall-ready art. Accessible, affordable, and inspiring, we’re literally hung up on Art.com!

(Vogue Cover August 1932 by Georges Lepape, Costume Design For Potiphar in The Legend of Joseph 1914 by Leon Bakst, Uniformed Drum Major by Alfred Eisenstaedt, The Waterfall By Henri Rousseau, Free Ride by Karen Bezuidenhout, Raven Stealing Sun by Danny Dennis, Comparative View of the Heights of the Principal Mountains in the World c.1816by Charles Smith, Sketch for the Opera”The Golden Cockerel” by Ivan Jakovlevich Bilibin, Canyon de Chelly by Edward S. Curtis, You Are My Sunshine by Kyle & Courtney Harmon)