If your a fashion enthusiast and a literature or history buff (gasp!), I hope you’re already familiar with Textbook, where our friend and fellow blogger John Januzzi imagines how fictional heroines, cultural icons, and historical figures might be styled for this day and age. Characters like Jay Gatsby, Veruca Salt, Joan of Arc, and Tinkerbell are playfully dissected and outfitted with individualized runway pieces. The collages are meticulously assembled and the captions are witty. All in all, it’s honestly genius. He even takes requests! So dear John, what would Jo March wear?

(images from top to bottom: Viola of Twelfth Night & Mr. Ripley of Talented Mr. RipleyHoward Roark of Fountainhead & Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones; Cinderella & Cruella Deville of 101 Dalmations)

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  1. He’s ahead of his time, taking the classic and vintage into a modern fashion sense! He’s eye for such comparative creations truly are mesmerizing and genius. Thank you for sharing this.
    Good luck!


  2. Nikki wrote:

    Ummm, how have I not already heard of this? This is such a genius concept and I’m surprised more people aren’t doing it. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be heading over to John’s blog now.


  3. amalie wrote:

    oh god, i love this!

  4. Rebecca wrote:

    As a former English major and current librarian, I fell in love with this amazing tumblr as soon as I stumbled upon it. His collages are genius.

  5. Jessie wrote:

    how silly. i love the textured and cut out leather. it is so beautiful!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  6. what a great idea. wish i heard about this website sooner!


  7. J Umm wrote:

    i love how you cut out the models 😛

  8. Oh my oh my oh my, how can I have not heard of this before? I am SO glad you shared!!

  9. DC2NY wrote:

    What a genius idea! So capTiVaTiNg and intriguing!
    The designs are adorable and inspirational to me!
    Thank you for sharing!


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