For their fall collection Levi’s turned to a handful of craftsmen and artisans, of the breathtaking state of Maine, for inspiration. So when they asked me and a few other editors to join them on a road trip along the coast of the Pine Tree State, I knew it would be a trip of a lifetime. From Portland to Deer Isle, the four day adventure was unforgettable: stopping at the China Sea Marine Trading Co to visit the man behind maritime antiques and nautical salvages, lunching on the ubiquitous lobster roll, witnessing handcrafted blankets and scarves being made at Swans Island Blankets, feeling the craftsmanship behind a freshly made chair at Windsor Chairmakers, snacking on a beautiful array of fresh vegetables and cheese at Salt Water Farm, meeting Yoshiko Wada, the artist responsible for introducing the art of Japanese shibori to the US, at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and finally admiring Marlinespike Chandlery‘s impressive collection of decorative knots, lanyards and ropes. It was obvious why the colors, materials, textures, techniques, and traditions of Maine influenced the little, yet important, details from this season’s offerings. Be sure to look out for some special collaborations with Swans Island Blankets and Marlinespike Chandlery, for their Made Here collection, in your local neighborhood store. Thank you for showing me all that is beautiful in Maine, Levi’s – I can’t wait to return!

(all images by HonestlyWTF)