Every holiday season Castle In The Air transforms their extraordinary shop into the most spellbinding Christmas-themed wonderland. If Castle In The Air doesn’t ring a bell, you may recognize their brilliantly colored crepe paper and globally sourced wax in some of our favorite tutorials. It’s where I go occasionally to escape and allow my imagination to run wild – and it’s nearly impossible not to walk away inspired by the love and thought put into each curated treasure. So every year thousands of handcrafted ornaments and vintage decorations are put out on display and a large-scale masterpiece is assembled after several months of preparation. The theme this season is “The Mouse Castle” – a castle made of old violins, an accordion, and everyday household items with over 30 handmade mice, each with their own unique characteristics, living inside it’s walls. Words and images do not do this magical retreat justice. You must see it for yourself. Honestly.

(all images by HonestlyWTF)