DIY Origami Brooch

DIY Origami Brooch by Rolando Robinson for Honestly…WTF

The inspiration behind this brooch derived from this video, by soul-pop group Quadron. Since origami is such a huge part of my art, I especially gravitated to this video with a huge liking for it. To begin this process, you must begin by making the components in which you will assemble at the end.

Step one consists of making the small triangular shapes which can be found here. Using a thin paper is advised, because if you use a paper that is too thick, then folding certain shapes will be nearly impossible. I used pages from the Free People catalogs. Secondly you must make origami fans, which are the core of this project. You may find the directions here. Make sure that whatever size paper you use, the triangles stay smaller than the fans. (Click images to enlarge)

Once your triangles are made, glue them together to form the shape you see below. The third step is to now glue the origami fan towards the top of the form. With these pieces put together, the final shape will kind of a resemble a little person.

Now that your fans and triangles are done, you must move on to the next step. You will be creating a “croissant”, which will serve as the base of the brooch. You need a base to keep everything stable and more durable. The croissant diagram can be found here. To achieve the look of the brooch, you need to glue one of the fan/triangle fixtures at a slight diagonal angle in the center of the croissant. Next you will glue the second fixture beneath the first one, also at an angle. Lastly, you can glue a pin on the back so you’re able to wear your newly designed origami brooch.


Thank you, Rolando! This is so unique and creative–we can’t wait to make our own gorgeous origami brooch! Check out more of Rolando’s work here.

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  1. cheryl wrote:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the origami brooch!!!

  2. I have to say that I´m impressed about your DIY things.

  3. Indramon wrote:

    I have to say I completely agree with weekdaycarnival.

  4. Susie wrote:

    lovelovelove! all your DIYs, I just finished this one and I lovelovelove it! I am going to pin it to my backpack, I can’t wait(:

  5. kabbik28 wrote:

    Once again great thanks for defining this topic in such a way, revelation.