Street Treats

Artist Jim Bachor is a do-gooder. He takes it upon himself to fix pot holes, found in the city streets of Chicago, by filling them in with cement and covering them with ice cream themed mosaic art. How fun would it be to stumble across one of these while driving or crossing the street? What an incredible way to create public art. It’s a treat!



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Building Block Spring 2016

Sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu have been killin’ the minimalist handbag game since 2012 with their label Building Block. The design duo is all about making utilitarian synonymous with luxury. Their design approach means shedding any unnecessary hardware or excess adornments, and instead focusing on forming clean lines and executing impeccable construction. This is what makes their bags timeless. We’re absolutely smitten with the new colors they’ve introduced this season (I’ve never loved taupe more than I do now) and as usual, the distinctive silhouettes make it hard to pick just one bag.



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Indonesian artist Dexa Muamar‘s hand lettered phrases are feeding my typography obsession. Each of his drawings are minuscule, measuring at just about an inch wide. It’s fascinating to think these were all beautifully executed with just the fine tip of a wooden pencil!



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Last to bed and first to rise, I’ve always relied on very little sleep. It’s actually something I’ve been working to improve, especially now with a newborn keeping me up every few hours in the night. But after discovering Ukrainian based loungewear line Sleeper, I immediately found myself pleading “Is it bedtime yet?!” Catching z’s never looked so comfy and chic! Linen pajama sets, off the shoulder loungewear dresses and loose fitting robes are synonymous with relax – not to mention, all of these pieces are meant to go from bed to beach or street.



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Wishbone Chairs

In 1944, inspired by Chinese chairs from the Ming Dynasty, Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner designed the Wishbone Chair, his most successful design of all time. To this day, the Carl Hansen & Son factory continues to produce the chair with it’s iconic Y shaped wooden back and frame and hand woven paper cord seating. Did you know it takes 400 feet of paper cord to construct the seat, which is meant to last at least 50 years of wear? I’m crushing hard on these timeless chairs – especially the ones with the natural wood frames.



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