DIY Sticker Mandala

I first discovered Lauren Vardell‘s sticker art by total happenstance. While perusing the web,  I stumbled across a giant sticker mandala that Mrs Grossman’s sticker factory had commissioned the artist to make for them. Honestly, WTF – this thing blew my socks off! The inspiration to make my own couldn’t have come at a better time as I was looking for more wall art for my son Quincy’s room. Making these sticker mandalas is so meditative and fun, I’ve since made more for friends and expectant mamas. And really, there’s nothing more nostalgic than receiving sheets upon sheets of stickers in the mail! For a few hours, I’m a kid once again.


You’ll need:

  • stickers
  • a large and sturdy piece of fine paper (I used a 22 x 30″ sheet of watercolor paper)
  • a pencil
  • a kneaded rubber eraser
  • a ruler
  • a yard stick
  • a compass
  • a protractor

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Bird Ballerina

Street artist JR has once again found a creative canvas for his latest wheat paper installation. In Bird Ballerina, a ballerina is sitting behind a set of bars like a caged bird, waiting to be set free. The beautifully sad image is wheatpasted across nine shipping containers at the Port Le Havre in France.




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