Hellessy Resort 2017

Off the shoulder statement tops have been a part of Sylvie Millstein‘s wheelhouse for several seasons now. So while finding ways to reimagine the trend for resort, she found inspiration in the beauty of traditional Argentinian gauchos. Cotton men’s shirts were reworked to fall off a single shoulder and arms were exposed with a series of buttons climbing up the sleeves. Blouses with billowy sleeves were carried over from fall with even more dramatic volume. Skirts barely grazed the floor and looked wide enough to pass as trousers. Theatrical yet oh, so wearable. Love.



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Tigmi Trading

If you’re as passionate about Moroccan textiles as I am, you’ll want to bookmark Tigmi Trading. Stat. In addition to a vast selection of kilims and Boucherouite, Beni Ourain, and Azilal rugs, the Australian based company has a curated collection of artisanal finds, like pillows, cushions, blankets and art, from around the rest of the world. I’m personally obsessed with the naturally dyed, Moroccan silk pillows in faded hues of blues and pinks and the large Beni Ourain floor cushions. But honestly, everything is just too fab.



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State The Label

Life spent on an alpaca farm on Vashon Island, Washington was the inspiration behind Adrienne Antonson’s farm-to-hangar approach when designing her clothing line, State. The collection consists of smocks, layerable tops, lightweight and loose fitting pants, peasant dresses and potter coats, all handmade and hand painted with US grown organic cotton and linen blend fabrics in her studio in Georgia. Her Sunday overall, based off their popular loose fitting pants, is the epitome of comfort and cool – and most definitely a piece that I can wearing for years and years to come. 





Rediscovering The SFMOMA

With much anticipation, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art finally made its grand debut just a few weeks ago, after a major, three year expansion project. Inspired by the surprising combinations curated in new Curate snack bars, I played hooky midweek to explore curation at its best. I had the privilege of previewing the 10 story addition before it officially opened its doors to the public and I must say, it gave me a whole new appreciation for contemporary art and modern architecture. I minored in art history in college but admittedly, modern art was never my favorite. My focus was primarily on the periods between Baroque and Post-Impressionism; and Surrealism was as far present as I really wanted to explore. So you can imagine what an expected surprise it was to fall in love with the SFMOMA. The new museum is an absolute experience through and through. I just loved how the architecture lends itself to engagement and exploration with the art itself. Between gazing up at the largest living wall in the country, rambling through Richard Serra’s mammoth spiraling sculpture, crossing the underbelly of an oculus, and standing in an octagonal gallery displaying the works of artist Agnes Martin, there’s a chance for everyone – whether you know much about art or not – to experience art. I’m so thrilled about this rediscovery and can’t wait to carve time out of my schedule to revisit and just take time to chill and take it all in again.



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