Gigi Rose Gray

Inspired by her love of discarded photographs found in flea markets and old issues of Life Magazine and National Geographic, artist Gigi Rose Gray possesses a distinctive style that is unlike any other. The vividness and intentional cropping of her illustrations leaves us, the viewer, intrigued and compelled to know more. Who are these chic women? Where are they going? What are they looking at? And what secrets could they possibly be hiding?



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Goen J Spring 2016

Honestly, I don’t think ruffles have ever looked this modern and chic. Designer Goen Jong has incorporated the ruffle, into her tailored silhouettes, in such a crisp and architectural way, it’s no wonder they’ve become a signature element of her eponymous label. I love the addition of oversized frills to the bottom of flared trousers, to the sleeves of off the shoulder blouses and to the lapels of a relaxed trench. So beautifully simple and distinctive, I want it all.



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DIY Pom Pom Shoes

A few things instantly came to mind when I first laid eyes on Aquazzura’s pom pom sandals. 1. Why didn’t I think of this?! 2. Insert salsa dancing emoji here. 3. Must DIY, stat. Boom. So there it was, yet another project filed away in the long summer DIY queue. And it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a heap of colorful, miniature yarn pom poms, that these shoes jumped to the front of the tutorial lineup. 


Before you judge me for buying pom poms, let me justify the shortcut by saying that poms this teeny tiny are extremely time consuming to make so compact and uniform. $9 for 100 high quality pom poms was just too good to pass up, plus it saved it me an entire afternoon of wrapping, cutting and trimming yarn. Honestly, you’ll be done with this project before you can say cha-cha-cha.


You’ll need:

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Basket Lighting

I am happy to say I have a new lighting obsession. The more and more I see cane, wicker, woven Abaca, and rattan basket lighting, the more I find myself trying to figure out how to incorporate these natural elements into my beach house. And I love that because they feel so lightweight and airy, you can experiment with large sizes even in the smallest of spaces. In case you’re in the market for Cost PlusIkea, Serena & Lily, Amazon and Roost all have some great options!



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Adaism Clutches

It was the gorgeous color palette of designer Annett Bourquin‘s paper bag-like leather clutches that first caught my eye. Then, it was discovering the modest simplicity of the bag’s silhouette that had me smitten. Each of Annett’s bags are crafted with a single piece of leather, fasted with a magnetic snap closure and available in three functional sizes. So effortless, so good. 



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