Black And White Right

For someone who lives by a “more is more” standard, I’m surprised how much I envy the minimalist vibe of this Sydney beachside home. Whitewashed floors seem to lure me in every time – they’re something I lust after often but could never have the guts to actually execute. Maybe one day, you know, when I buy the beach house of my dreams and the only thing I wear on my feet is sand. I also love how the use of oversized, rustic elements gives the stark black and white contrast necessary warmth and texture. And that unexpected, rich blue hued exterior?! Stunning.



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Loup Charmant

If Kee Edwards’ label Loup Charmant doesn’t make you immediately want to book a getaway, then . . . well, it’s time for you to take a vacation anyway. Inspired by her childhood summers spent on the shores of the Carolinas and her coming-of-age time living in France spent living in France, the collection is the embodiment of ethereal, beach chic. Honestly, I wanna live in a world where wearing semi-sheer white dresses, blouses and tunics  24/7 is the norm.



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Zoe Bradley

Wow. How incredible are these paper sculptures that hung from the London’s Burlington Arcade? Paper artist Zoe Bradley created two monumental chandeliers, making up more than 1,860 paper flowers, for the shopping center’s reopening last summer. This is inspiring me to start experimenting more with paper – I’d love to recreate this for baby Coco‘s room . . . but of course, on a much smaller scale!



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Lelet NY

I’ve got to thank hairstylist extraordinaire Kristin Ess for introducing me to Lelet NY via Snapchat. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, designer Sara Bieler Sasson is raising the bar with her modern and refreshing take on hair accessories. Halo-like headbands are distinctively three dimensional, delicate chains are hanging from adorned bobby pins and multi-functional barrettes are made to be versatile. It’s all so beautiful, one can’t help but be inspired to give their “do” a little more TLC.



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