Ladder Love

I have an ornamental ladder in my home, hanging from the rafters – but I’ve also used it as a rack to display throw blankets while leaning it against a wall. Whether it’s suspended over a kitchen island as a pot rack, or hanging horizontal on the wall as a shelving unit, or served as a bookshelf, or most obviously used a way to get to hard to reach places, a ladder can be an amazing object to have in your home!



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Madewell Fall 2014

Styling lesson #1: Pair a midi skirt with a cozy sweater and a pair of oxfords. Elevate it with a layering of necklaces and of course, a plaid shirt tied around the waist. Lesson #2: Sweatpants and checkered Vans can be synonymous with ‘cool’ with the addition of a leather appliquéd sweater and a two tone car coat. Cowboy hat and oversized leather clutch are optional but recommended. Ladies, you taking notes? Madewell‘s fall lookbook is filled to the brim with ensembles that inspire any season!



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Margaret Howell

Photographer Koto Bolofo, one of my personal favorites, worked with designer Margaret Howell once again for ‘The Shoe’ campaign. Black and white photos focus on timeless style and quality crafted shoes, all while praising the manufactures and showing the labor of love that goes into each shoe. I would take any of these photos and hang them on my wall – you can’t say that about too many campaigns. Koto is brilliant at what he does.





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