DIY Tassel Basket

With a toddler who has accumulated an excessive collection of toys, a family who has an obsession with cashmere throw blankets, and a DIYer (that would be me) who purchases way too much yarn, baskets are essential in our family. So when designing our living room with One Kings Lane, stylist Alex Reid was right in bringing in an assortment of woven baskets to serve as functional, yet appealing, storage solutions. But wait. I can’t possibly own baskets without at least one that is covered with happy, little tassels. So in true HonestlyWTF form, I had to incorporate some cha-cha goodness to our newly transformed room.


You’ll need:

  • a woven basket
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle

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Nanushka Spring 2015

Rarely do I find myself saying this but I honestly want everything from Nanushka‘s spring collection. I’m obsessed with the ease of trench coats, oversized turtlenecks, drawstring shorts, jumpsuits, and tailored trousers. And thanks to designer Szandra Sándor’s oh so perfect color palette, I refuse to wear anything but pale pink, nude, navy, white, baby blue and rust orange . . . like, starting now.





Designer Randi Mates was first exposed to ancient Greek and Roman goldsmithing methods while enrolled at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City. Her newly acquired technique and her background as a historian of material culture eventually inspired her jewelry label Aesa, which is the ancient Greek work for fate and destiny. We just love how each piece from her collection, usually casted in bronze and dotted with precious stones, can resemble an old relic or even a futuristic keepsake. So unique!



Flower Man

Danish photographer Ken Hermann couldn’t help but be instantly inspired by the sellers of Calcutta’s Malik Ghat flower market, one of the oldest and the largest of its kind in India. Each day, over 2,000 sellers hawk garlands of marigolds, enormous bunches of mango leaves, and handfuls of jasmine and sunflowers – all of which play a huge part in Indian rituals, festivals and weddings. The portraits of these male vendors posing, in front of the Hooghly River with their floral livelihoods, are totally striking and beautiful.



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