Abandoned Love

Artist Peyton Fulford started her photographic project by asking people from all over the world, via Tumblr, to send her text messages, email text and dairy entries related to heartbreak. She then turned certain phrases into banners, placed them across abandoned buildings and photographed them to create a series called Abandoned Love. There is something so sad about each photograph – yet one can’t help but feel a little comforted to know that others have also shared the same sentiments at one point in their love lives. After all, love can be exhausting.



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The Great Fall 2015

Not yet a year old but The Great is oh, so great. Emily Current and Meritt Elliot’s third collection is yet another example of how the designers have their fingers on the Americana pulse. We love their playful take on old fashioned American classic workwear and vintage Victorian pieces. Favorites include a simple yet beautiful shirt gown, an embroidered chambray shirt and a pair of heavily distressed slouchy jeans.

The Great Fall 2015 | HonestlyWTF

The Great Fall 2015 | HonestlyWTF

The Great Fall 2015 | HonestlyWTF


My Shower Routine

Routine showers never felt so luxurious and self indulgent until I became a mother. It’s amazing how a few minutes of rare solitude can give you so much clarity – it’s where my best ideas evolve and naturally, where I get my clean and fresh start every morning! So you can understand why every part of my regimen is precious and purposeful. Before I step in the shower, I dry brush my body with a natural bristle brush to help exfoliate and detoxify my skin. Then after shampooing and conditioning my hair, I rinse with method‘s newest Foaming Body Wash in Ruby Orange. I love the light, citrusy scent, the moisturizing properties, and the super convenient and mess-free pump. I’ve been a longtime fan of method’s line of non toxic household products and their commitment to sustainability. I respect that fact that all their ingredients are naturally derived and that each of their bottles are made with recyclable plastic – plus, the designs of each of their products are so chic and fun. It’s impossible not to be inspired by their eco-conscious efforts, which is why I keep my showers short and sweet. Honestly, water is precious!

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