Spotted: The Stan Smith

With Wimbledon in full swing, it seemed only appropriate to nod our hats – or rather, our racquets to tennis star Stan Smith, the original inspiration for Adidas’ ubiquitous all white leather sneaker. Since it’s inception in 1973, this modern classic has stood the test of time. And after a three year hiatus and a recent endorsement by fashion darling Phoebe Philo, the Stan Smith has made a game changing comeback as the new ‘it’ sneaker. Match point.





DIY Finger Fishtail Loom Bracelet

The Duchess of Cambridge might have helped ignite the loom band bracelet craze but credit must be given where credit is due. Kids and teens everywhere have been whipping up their version of the friendship bracelet for months now. Made from small, colorful rubber bands, these bracelets are meant to assembled on an inexpensive loom that serves as a base for various patterns. However, you can easily make a simple fishtail version, without the loom, with just two fingers. It is beyond easy. And addicting. I may be past my prime when it comes to trendy bracelets but I just love the bit of childish cheekiness they add to my otherwise serious jewelry collection. Thanks, Kate!


You’ll need:

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Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto caught our eye a few years back with Smoke Signals, a series that captured colored smoke in different landscapes. The duo‘s newest project, Colourant, takes another stab at mystifying landscapes by capturing pigmented liquid mid-air. The photographs are taken at 1/3500th of a second and the photos that ensue are astounding. Colorful and strange shapes imitate statues and at times, fabric. Constantly trying to achieve “the essence of photography — immortalize the transitory,” the duo loves to push the boundaries to try and conceive completely unique and special moments that can be frozen in time. Honestly, cool.



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Marni Evening Resort 2015

With just her second evening wear collection, creative director Consuelo Castiglioni has redefined the dress code by replacing formal gowns with menswear inspired suits and embellished daywear accessorized with silk and fur stoles. And if there is anything to take away from this, it’s a lesson in evening layering. Silk pants can be topped with a belted coat and a fur stole. It’s okay to wear a knit sweater over a maxi tulle skirt. And neoprene at night is a must



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