Lion Sands Treehouses

Imagine spending the evening, laying beneath the stars, in your own private treehouse and waking up only to be surrounded by all the wildlife that roams the African bush. Do you have the chills yet?! I do. And to think the idea of these luxurious treehouses first came about in 1933 by outdoorsman Guy Aubrey Chalkey, who stumbled across a plot of land bordering Kruger National Park Family and set up camp in a centuries old Leadwood Tree to escape predators. Today, the family owned and managed Lion Sands Reserve prides itself on its holistic approach to safari and even employs a full time ecologist to monitor the effect of commercialization on the wilderness. The reserve, spread across Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve and Kruger National Park, includes four luxurious lodges and four breathtaking treehouses for guests to experience. I mean, if I had to choose, it would be a treehouse, hands down. Sign. Me. Up.



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Hutches + Armoires

I’m running out of places to store my so-called “collections” – planter pots, Kachina dolls, gemstones, shibori linens . . . I can go on and on. So I’m officially on the hunt for a good old hutch, one that I can upcycle and refinish into a charming and functional piece of furniture. A trip to this weekend’s flea market is on the list of to-dos, especially after swooning over these inspiring beauties. 



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Spring Whitaker

Illustrator Spring Whitaker is an animal lover and it certainly shows in her work. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her two and four legged subjects. I’m charmed by the way she plays up each animals’ different personalities with perfectly suitable names like Blanche The Alligator, Iris The Hippo, Flo The Flamingo, Irma The Pelican, and Pearl The Elephant. All of them are so adorable, I can’t quite decide which one to take home.




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