The Modern Wreath

With leftover tree trimmings, inexpensive bunches of holiday greens from my local market, kitchen twine and a yard of scrap leather lacing, I couldn’t resist dressing our front door with a little homemade Christmas swag. I love all the modern interpretations of the classic wreath – they’re beautifully simple and surprisingly easy to assemble, it makes me wonder why we don’t leave them up all year round! In case you feel so inspired, here are some examples that might spur some weekend crafting ideas:



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Office Gallery Wall Two Ways

Having a knack for collecting art comes with the conundrum of not being able to commit to a single piece. This is why I love creating gallery walls at home. My blank, white walls have become the perfect canvas for all the art and treasures I’ve acquired over the years. One room that’s been in desperate need of color and life is our guest bedroom, which doubles as a home office. And since our baby girl will eventually take it over as her own in just a few months, it’s about time to spruce up the walls. Thank goodness for resources like Minted, who offers a wide range of one of a kind art from artists from all over the world. I love that they offer a variety of affordable frames which means in just a few days, after placing your order, a framed piece of art is at your doorstep and ready to be hung, straight out of the box. You can even choose to include the artist’s signature penciled into the corner of your print. Today, I’m sharing my tips on assembling a gallery wall in two different ways. Don’t be intimidated to just jump right in. You’ll be surprised how much character it will add to a room and truly how easy it is to seamlessly pull it together!

1.  Keep it simple

A gallery wall can be as simple as hanging 8-10 pieces of art. First, think about the silhouette you want to create on your wall. Do you want it linear, vertical, rectangular or square? Because my ceiling slants towards the right of the room, I wanted to create a diagonal line towards the left. I can’t really explain why except that I’m obsessed with symmetry. Consider the furniture in the room. Decide whether you want the art to extend or be contained by the furnishing that lay against the same wall. Next, select works of art that vary in orientation and size – you’ll want a mix of horizontal and vertical images, in small, medium and large formats. You’ll also want to think about a theme, whether it be color, subject or style. I chose a mix of photography and painting, all with pink undertones.


Co Pre-Fall 2016

Designers Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern’s L.A. roots are shining through in their pre-fall collection. There’s definitely a more relaxed sensibility, to Co‘s usual polished, Victorian-inspired silhouettes, that we’re crushing on. Big time. Beautifully tailored pieces with trumpet sleeves, plunging necklines, exaggerated collars and elongated pleats feel modern, wearable and oh so get-in-my-closet-right-now . . .



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Before They Pass

Inspired by Edward Sheriff Curtis and his iconic portraits of Native Americans, photographer Jimmy Nelson and his 50 year old camera journeyed to 44 different countries, visiting more than 35 indigenous tribes and documenting their stories and traditions for his book Before They Pass Away. Portraits of women, men and children, from tribes like the Markens in the Netherlands and the Tsaatans of Mongolia, are visual captivating, in just the astonishing dressing alone. But there is also a profound soulfulness in each person’s eyes, which Nelson has so artfully captured, that is downright mesmerizing. I’m left wanting to know more, which is why this book has made it’s way to the top of my holiday wish list!



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