DIY Pom Pom Basket

Soon after Lauren and I started HonestlyWTF five years ago, we discovered the ultimate DIY tool: the Clover Pom Pom Maker. And our lives have never been the same ever since. No really – in all honesty, it’s been a mood enhancer, an ice breaker, and the cause for thousands and thousands of pom poms created as of 2010. But after all these years, I’m surprised I’ve never experimented with making pom poms with anything other than yarn and more recently, wool roving. It wasn’t until I spotted this adorable pom pom basket, at Anthropologie, that I was inspired to recreate it using raffia pom poms. Raffia can be slippery, bulky and difficult to work with – but I developed a few tricks that will help you through the process. So . . . follow along!



You’ll need:

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The World’s Oldest Multicolored Printed Book

Manual of Calligraphy and Painting, the world’s oldest multi-printed colored book was created in 1633 in China. The 17th century book is so fragile that it was never to be opened until now to be digitized. Illustrations in eight categories, which include birds, plumbs, orchids, bamboos, fruit, stones and ink drawings, are applied using printing blocks and made to look like watercolors. Each page is available to view through Cambridge University Library’s digital public library.  Technology for the win on this!





Katrin Langer Clutches

Honestly, swoon. I’m in love with these exceptional clutches designed by Katrin Langer. Produced in Germany using the same expertise and technical skills as musical instrument construction, each clutch starts with a makoré wood frame which eventually gets covered with beautifully intricate embroidery and lined with soft leather. I love the folkloric feel of each piece – they look like special little heirlooms!katrinlanger1 katrinlanger3 READ MORE

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