Flat, pointy toed slippers have been trending in recent collections, from resort to pre-fall, prompting Vogue to proclaim them the “it” shoe of 2016. Céline’s version of the traditional Moroccan slipper sports an exaggerated toe with a single, buckled strap across the middle of the foot. Narciso Rodriguez gave the shoe a slight platform, whereas Philip Lim elevated his with a slight heel. But much as we dig these modern interpretations, our hearts still remain loyal to the classic babouche. They’re super comfortable and are guaranteed to cost less. So until the “it” shoe hits stores in just a few months, you’ll find us rocking the Casbah with the classics.



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Georgian designer Tamara Khoshtaria‘s jewelry collection is perfect for winter wear. The substantial modern shapes stand up beautifully against woolly sweaters and cozy outerwear. I’m obsessed with the layered look of the coiled, two-tone bracelets and the ball necklace that hangs on one side of the neck. Bold. Beautiful.


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Indoor Olive Trees

It’s been nearly a year since I adopted my first large indoor plant and I’m happy to report that this black thumb of mine has managed to keep the fiddleleaf fig tree alive and thriving. This newfound confidence has me on the hunt for my next green friend and I’m crushing hard on the idea of an indoor olive tree. I love their neutral, pale green color and versatile size. Plus, they are slow growing and flourish with just a bit of water and lots of sunlight. My kinda plant!



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Arrowed By Karen Walker

Karen Walker‘s iconic arrow, which embodies the brand’s optimism and fearlessness, is the star of her latest eyewear campaign. Bold new styles are introduced this season, along with classic favorites reinvented in grey and pink frames and elevated with silver mirror lenses and metallic detailing. And just like her wonderfully eccentric campaigns, you know you’re guaranteed a wacky good time with any pair of Karen’s sunnies.

Karen Walker | HonestlyWTF


Karen Walker | HonestlyWTF


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