Eugenia Linovich has encapsulated the romance of Russian folk art in her accessories label Masterpeace. In her latest collection, inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace, The Russian designer brilliantly incorporates embroidery, filigree, porcelain, miniature lacquer painting and bead weaving into uniquely modern silhouettes that include corset necklaces, crossbody sashes, brooches, epaulets and headbands. Honestly, stunning. 



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Home Is Where You Park It

Four years ago I spent 6 weeks on the road from Oregon to New Mexico in a 76′ Minnie Winnie and have been a huge fan of the “life on the road” lifestyle ever since. So it’s no surprise that I’ve found a soulmate in Foster Huntinton, the author of Home Is Where You Park It. In the summer of 2011 Foster left his job in New York and moved into a VW camper. After 100,000 miles on the road meeting like-minded people, he started a successful Kickstarter campaign to publish his second photo book of various vans and campers. Some people are obsessed with bookshelves, some have a thing for doors . . . Foster and I are in love with mobile homes.





Rialto Jean Project

I’m so excited about philanthropic denim brand, Rialto Jean Project. Founder and creative director Erin Feniger started by hand painting vintage Levi’s, Wranglers and Lees in her garage in Venice Beach, California – and that was the start of her one-of-a-kind denim collection. As part of the company’s charitable platform, a proceed of all sales goes towards art therapy programs at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Denim doing good . . . I dig it. 





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