Closed Denim

Denim loyalty is a real thing. When you find a denim label you love and loves you back in the form of a perfect fit, why look elsewhere? So I suppose I can blame my faithfulness for why Closed denim has been sneaking under my radar since 1978. The German brand has been taking its design cues from military uniforms for decades and crafting their tailored jeans in Italy. After falling in love with the silhouettes and washes, I had to try on a pair. And that just marked the beginning of my love affair with Closed . . .



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DIY Tassel Sandals

We’ve got a tassel obsession. Put them on anything and well, we’re sold. Isabel Marant, Jimmy Choo and MSGM are just a few of the designers that have been enticing us with their tassel embellished sandals season after season. But it wasn’t until we saw Ulla Johnson’s Luz heels, with colorful tassels hanging from ankle straps, that wooed us and eventually inspired us to make our collection of ombré tassels. Slide them on and off different strappy heels to make them the ultimate, interchangeable accessory!


You’ll need:

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It’s Mourning in America

Remember when Jenna Lyon’s dreamy Park Slope home came up for sale back in 2011 and real estate enthusiasts alike released a collective swoon and sigh? Well, we can all be horribly envious of Vince Clarke, founder of Depeche Mode, and his wife Tracy Martin, CEO of the Morbid Anatomy Museum – the new owners of the 4000 square foot, four story townhouse. And it gets even better. The couple has transformed the space, with the help of firm Roman and Williams, into a stunning Victorian style residence with a wonderfully eclectic mix of antique furniture and other dark but tasteful curiosities.



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