Anna Valdez

Artist Anna Valdez pulls items collected from her global travels and inspiration from her background in anthropology to lay the foundation for her still lifes. Photographs, family recipes, horticulture, books, hand crafted objects, rugs and personal mementos are layered into frame, resulting in beautiful, dynamic compositions that give a bit of insight into the artist herself. I love how her work just emanates joy and vibrancy but with a comforting sense of realness.



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525 Sq Ft Of Charm

Who knew that my dream living space could be limited to 525 square feet? Ok, maybe if I were the only person living in it. Regardless, this tiny 1904 apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a beauty! I love that despite it’s small confines, the owner kept the original Nordic fireplace and added sizable accents, like lamps, to maintain its charm. The abundance of natural light, the use of crisp, neutral colors and plants, and most importantly, the clever layout, is just proof that sometimes, just sometimes, less is more.



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From Where He Drones

There’s really nothing more spectacular than the ocean. Gabriel Scanu‘s stunning aerial shots of coastlines and sea waves just goes to show the impressive magnitude of the ocean landscape. The young Australian photographer travels from country to country, sending his drone into the sky to capture the earth’s bluest waters from above. Love.



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Coltrane Fall 2016

Swiss designer Amihan Zemp launched Coltrane this season with a mission to contribute to a less wasteful society, using biodynamic and Global Organic Textile Standard certified fabrics, while still creating timeless, quality pieces. After swooning over the Zurich based label’s fall collection, we can’t stop thinking about all of the incredible layering of textures and silhouettes. Organic silk blazers, mohair sweaters, cotton shirts and wool culottes are so beautifully layered in a variety of natural textures and warm, monochrome hues. I mean honestly, why would you want to wear anything else but shades of ivory this winter?





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