Round Dining Tables

When faced with the choice between round and square, I always choose the latter. Square corners over round corners, rectangular mirrors over circular mirrors, a long farm table over a round dining table, anything except a circular coffee table – I can go on. But now that we are finally getting around to decorating our dining room, which happens to be perfectly square in it’s layout, I’m developing a serious crush on large, circular dining tables. For someone who loves to entertain, round tables feel far more communal, don’t they? So perhaps, soon enough, I’ll be coming full circle . . .





Welcome To The Parker

Leave it to Gray Malin to bring a monkey, a giraffe, flamingos and a zebra to The Parker, turning his favorite Palm Springs hotel into a zoo – just for a day. As adorable as these photos are, I’m afraid a visit to The Parker just won’t be as glorious without being able to chill poolside with a pair of penguins! Honestly, WTF.

welcome to the parker

welcome to the parker

welcome to the parker


Trademark Resort 2016

Joseph Szabo’s early photographs of teenage American life in the 70s was the perfect launching pad for Pookie and Louisa Burch’s already idiosyncratic sensibility. It’s the same individualistic and wonderfully quirky details that set Trademark apart from the trend consumed set – and it’s why we’ve been so smitten with the brand from their start. This season, I’m loving the addition of red buttons on a textured button up shirt, the unexpected use of lurex on an emerald green sweatshirt, the application of embroidery on Japanese Selvedge denim and the juxtaposition of feminine ruffles against traditional silhouettes.



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Up In The Air

If there is only one requirement I have while flying, it’s that I must have a window seat. I feel claustrophobic without it – and I just love staring out the window, admiring the dreamy cloud formations and vast landscapes below. So it’s no wonder that I absolutely adore these artist Jim Darling‘s airplane window seat paintings. It’s amazing how he’s able to achieve that three-dimensional quality by layering wood and acrylic paint. Makes you wanna hop on a plane and travel, no?

Darling_01Darling_02 Darling_03


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