Malibu Modern

I’m usually not a fan of ultra modern home designs but good lord, this oceanfront residence in Malibu is an absolute stunner. Despite it’s heavy use of concrete and glass, there is an inviting sense of warmth and airiness – perhaps it’s the white oak ceilings, the lush green landscaping, or the variety of textures in the furnishings. And how about the marble bathtub and the 168 foot infinity lap pool? Just wow.



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I am officially obsessed with COS after my dear friend and photographer Lee Oliveira introduced me to H&M’s more elevated and pricier sister brand while we were in Florence over the weekend. I know, I know - I must have been living under an American rock. Everything is beautifully minimal and extremely well constructed. I was surprised at the superb quality, especially with average prices ranging from $40-$200. Word has it that COS will be opening up in LA and NYC any day now but in the meantime, you can shop all the amazing wares on their website! But then again, you probably already know that . . .




Barbara Dziadosz

Polish illustrator Barbara Dziadosz has really caught my eye with her lovely, pastel colored screen prints. The bulbous shapes, cheery color palette, adorable animals, and amusing characters are just so fun and happy. I especially love the lady in dungarees hugging a massive bag of chips. Who doesn’t love chips?





DIY Paper Flower Crown

The artists and creative geniuses at the ever dreamy Castle In The Air recently introduced me to the Globe de Mariée. It’s a French tradition dating back to the 1800s where a couple would preserve mementos from their wedding and marriage together in a glass cloche bell jar. One of the many sentimental items included, besides jewelry, photographs and locks of their babies hair, is the bride’s wedding crown which made from wax orange blossoms and flowers. I mean, is this just the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard of? So when the crepe paper experts of the Castle demonstrated how to make a waxed floral crown, I knew a tutorial on how to create a bigger, more dramatic version would be the perfect thing to share with you, especially with weddings, festivals and midsummer celebrations in full effect. Plus, I love the idea of coating the paper flowers with wax – with the amount of time it takes to make a paper crown, you want it to last forever! So without further ado, here is the how to:


You’ll need:

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Iniala Beach House

Overlooking the Andaman Sea, on the shores of Phang Nga province in Thailand, is the new and impressive Iniala Beach House. Each of the 10 suites, spread over three villas, are designed by different designers from all over the world – some inspired by traditional Thai architecture, some influenced by modern design, and some simply impacted by the waves of the ocean. What an incredibly beautiful and unique place to unwind beachside. An added bonus is that 15 percent of the resort’s revenue goes to the owner Mark Weingard’s Inspirasia Foundation, which funds health and education projects in Thailand, Indonesia, and India.



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