A.L.C. Spring 2017

Andrea Lieberman’s spring lookbook pretty much sums up why I love A.L.C.: clothes that are luxurious, laid back, functional and comfortable. So much so that I, too, want to shake a leg! Lucky for me, A.L.C. launched their online shop this month which means it won’t be long before I’ll be snatching up striped, wide leg trousers, printed maxi dresses and knit tunics. Oh, and I’ll take those Nikes too.




Vendors From Above

Standing amid the bustling streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter is one of my fondest memories of Vietnam. Your senses are abuzz – and that’s not just the Vietnamese coffee kicking in. The smells from street food and the sounds of vendors is awakening. And bicycle after bicycle, packed high with flowers, vegetables and fruit, are like explosions of color whizzing by. It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience, which is why I absolutely love this series of bicycle vendors from above, photographed by Loes Heerink. The photographer posts up on different bridges around Hanoi to capture the vendors as they ride beneath her. Although there’s no shortage of bicycle vendors, you can imagine how much patience it requires to capture the right shot. Can you imagine toting around all of that beautiful cargo on a single bike?! Amazing.





Modern Weaving

Henri Matisse’s paper cut-outs came to mind when I first discovered Tiffani Williams‘ collection of brass jewelry. It figures since the Modern Weaving designer first develops her organic components by shaping them from paper and then arranging them to find the right composition. It’s been years since I last bought myself a pair of large earrings but I’m intrigued by the weightless beauty of these danglers. Sold.



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Fuzzy Wuzzy

Winter is coming and there’s nothing I want more than a teddy bear coat. Season after season, I’ve been lusting after these oversized, faux shearling coats – I mean, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to essentially wear a big teddy bear hug? Although it doesn’t get that cold in California, those few weeks of chill are reason enough to add one of these classic and chic coats to my outerwear repertoire.



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For The Love Of Chinoiserie

Any art and antiques collector knows that there’s nothing better than the thrill of hunting for the next addition to a collection. As a lover, and collector, of Chinese porcelain and chinoiserie, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered an abundant assortment of blue and white ceramics at Everything But The House, an online auction marketplace that facilities estate sales. I’m obsessed. Here’s the deal. Every curated item, from jewelry to furniture, is up for auction for 7 days and all bids start at $1. Whenever I place a bid, I can monitor it with notifications when I’ve been outbid or am running out of time on a sale – trust me, when I say the app was a huge relief since I didn’t feel like I had to sit at home, plastered to my laptop. And as competitive as I am, I can proudly say that I know when to quit, especially when I know that thousands of new treasures are uploaded on the site everyday. I appreciate that every item is vetted and inspected by EBTH’s knowledgable staff and descriptions and photographs are detailed and thorough. No surprises delivered to your doorstep. We’ve all been there. I got incredible deals on a couple of beautiful vases and chic plant stands but my absolute favorite scores were a set of antique peony ginger jars and a gorgeous Ralph Lauren chinoiserie lamp. They’re so special and a refreshing addition to my living room, where indigo dominates.





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