From beanies to floppy hats to fur trappers, hats ruled the streets during fashion week earlier this month. The accessory was absolutely necessary in protecting against New York’s unrelenting elements (ahem, Nemo). So after eyeing Elisa Nalin‘s jeweled Paule Ka beanie, we thought we’d spare a beanie from our generous stockpile for another embellished hat DIY. After all, winter ain’t over yet!

You’ll need:

Start ironing out the strip of muslin to rid of any wrinkles or creases. Then squeeze a large dollop of E6000 onto a disposable spoon or surface. Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of glue on the back of the largest flatback crystal.

Place the crystal in the center of the muslin. Continue applying the larger stones, working outwards from the center and making each side symmetrical. Even though some of the larger stones I used were sew-on crystals, I still glued them on for that extra hold.

Finish laying out the pattern. Using a sharp object might help nudge the smaller crystals into place. Allow the crystals to dry completely.

Then, using a needle and thread, secure the larger pieces by sewing them directly onto the muslin. Remember to double knot in the back. Then cut around the pattern, leaving approximately 1-2mm of space.

Dab drops of glue to the backside. To prevent glue from seeping and showing through, apply glue only on the backside of the crystals. Carefully place the strip of crystals onto the beanie and allow to dry completely.

To secure it to the beanie, sew a few hidden stitches along the outer edges of the stones.

C’est fini!

Your new jeweled beanie is ready to wear . . .

(top image via The Sartorialist; rest of images by HonestlyWTF)