I love wrapping presents. A nicely wrapped present can be just as meaningful as the gift itself. So after finding the softest and coziest sweaters from Nordstrom Rack to gift my favorite girlfriends this year, I knew I wanted to try something different and new. Trying to avoid the standard clothing box route, I thought of a fun and somewhat unassuming way to envelop a piece of clothing. The added effort will put a smile on their faces – I’m sure of it!


You’ll need:


Start by cutting the wrapping paper into 1″ wide strips. For a thicker sweater, I made my strips approximately 13″ long and used 60 total. Keep the strips in order as you cut them to keep the pattern intact.


Make a small mark about half an inch from the end of the strip and punch a hole through it. Use it as a guide to continue punching holes through the rest of the strips.


Place a paper medallion face down onto a working surface. This will be the base and where you will glue the other end of the strips to.


Overlap the individual strips of wrapping paper, fanning them out.


Take the sweater and roll it up tightly with a piece of twine. Place it in the center. Thread the ribbon through the front of the wrapping paper and out the backside.


Continue adding strips. You’ll notice a sphere is forming.


Before adding on the last strip, untie the twine from the sweater to loosen the sweater so that it fills the sphere. Add on the last strip and tie a double knot to the end of the twine.


Pull it through the top of the sphere and tie another double knot. Trim and add a bow.


Enjoy the gift of giving!


(images by HonestlyWTF)