Nearly all of my cherished pieces of jewelry are ones that celebrate the single, most important thing in life: my family. Motherhood has been my proudest achievement thus far, so there’s nothing better than being able to actually wear that emotion daily. I’m never without my precious charm necklace, which has letters each representing my two little tots. It’s something I’m excited to build upon over the years, adding charms to commemorate special milestones in their lives. And whenever I travel, I love bringing along my gold heart locket, which stores photos of Abe, Quincy and now, Coco! With Mother’s Day just a couple of weeks away, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, sentimental pieces of fine jewelry – some new and some vintage, but most all of them either customizable or symbolic. Because moms deserve that extra bit of thought and love . . .



1. Foundrae Protection Medallion Necklace  2. Melie Gold and Diamond Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace  3. Foundrae Dream Signet Ring  4. Jennifer Fisher Build A Charm Necklace  5. Jamie Joseph Rock Crystal Locket  6. Catbird Moon & Stars Charm Necklace  7. Jennie Kwon Art Deco Letter Necklace  8. Jennifer Meyer “Love You” Earrings  9. Jennifer Fisher Mini Dog Tag Bracelet  10. Spinelli Kilcollin Interlocking Rings  11. Esqueleto Antique Navajo Pill Box  12. Lulu Frost Signet Ring  13. Ariel Gordon Poesy Signet Bangle  14. Gemstone Gypsy Eternal Snake Ring  15. Lulu Frost Code Number Rings  16. Metier Antique Victorian Puffy Heart Pendant; Bottom image via Esqueleto