If the man if your life is as hard to shop for as my husband is, you might appreciate today’s gift guide. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful, practical and occasionally over the top gifts for that guy who won’t know how much he really needs something until he receives it. dudes

1. D R Harris Shaving Set $350 This old fashioned shave set is perfect for the well groomed man. Plus, it makes for an elegant addition to any bathroom vanity.

2. Magnesium Fire Starter $36 This is a must have tool for any outdoorsmen – it even lights damp kindling, something any camper will appreciate.

3. Helm Boots $410 Handcrafted in Maine, these boots are made using the Blake Rapid Stitch construction, which means they will be lighter than a Goodyear Welt and more flexible. We love the color and simple designs of all of their boots!

4. Brooks Bike Tool Kit $70 The makers of those gorgeous leather bike seats surveyed over 700 members of their community to create the ultimate cycling tool set.

5. Killspencer Indoor Basketball Hoop $995 Made to order using 24 kt gold and black maple, this might be the dopest mini basketball

6. Outdoor Folding Knife $99 This hunting knife is made in in Maniago, Italy, the city of knives, and comes from a legacy of stell blade producers that hark back to the 16th century.

7. Orion Binoculars $80 A reasonably priced gadget boasts a 15 power magnification. The perfect way to enjoy a romantic date star gazing.

8. You Earned It Bottle Opener $28 To justify that much needed end of day beer.

9. Hudson’s Bay Horeshoe Game Set $175 This Hudson’s Bay horshoe set includes steel horseshoes, stakes and a beautiful wooden case for travel.

10. Leather Coasters $35 Paisley tooled English bridle leather coasters – I want a set for myself!

11. Revo Digital Radio $340 Scotland based Revo prides itself technological innovation and great design like this American walnut radio that delivers a rich, crisp sound and has Bluetooth capabilities.

12. Red Metal Tool Box $49 You can’t beat this classic toolbox – something every man and woman needs!

13. Beachwood Comb $16 A simple, yet beautiful beachwood comb for any man’s dopp kit (see below)

4. Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag $68 Your fellow needs a reminder sometimes . . .

15. Standard Land Camera $230 This 1967 original production, based on Polaroid’s original Automatic Model 250, has been restored to perfection.

16. Brass Bicycle Bell $20 Ding, ding in style!

17. Wooden Slingshot $28 For the little boys in all of them.

18. Craftsman Apron $199 A 100% waxed cotton apron for the maker.