After hearing so much fabulous buzz surrounding Bauble Bar, we thought it was about time we take their goods out for a test spin. We hand picked a selection of brassy bracelets and necklaces from hundreds of gorgeous baubles – and what a fun ride it was! The very reasonably priced beetle pendant necklace is one of my personal favorites. To wear it as a bracelet, keep the necklace clasped, wrap it a few times around your wrist, and loop one of the chain links around the beetle’s legs. Double duty! Thanks for letting us play with your baubles, BB. We love them!!

(top image clockwise from top left: Animal Print Bangle $35, Beetle Pendant $32, Black Drop Cincher $32, Crystal Leaf Cuff $135, Coral Pop Bracelet $20, Scorpion Bangle $34  Key Charm Bracelet $24; middle image from left to right: Star Trio Bracelet $80, Brassy Coil Necklace $38; images by HonestlyWTF)