Sou Brette

Muqliza Imroni’s newest collection for her Sou Brette line of jewelry, Runic, was inspired by tales of an apocalyptic future.  ‘Color has become a memory of the past’ and most of the materials used in Runic were drawn by that concept: cotton ropes, polished metal, safety pins, and resin.  Runic is meant to symbolize humanity’s desire to make the best out of any situation, to embody the beauty in despair, and to empower the beauty from within.

(Puramis Chokers $158-$198)

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  1. Nik wrote:

    I LOVE the idea of apocolyptic jewelry pieces. The intrigue that you can see some common materials that you wouldn’t think of being put together to make such a beautiful necklace. Now… If the price cold only be post-apocolyptic as well. Can I trade a can of beans for one? 😉

  2. marleena wrote:

    I’m french and I just love the play on words of Sou Brette brand: in french a “soubrette” is a kind of a minx maid 🙂
    Love your blog and all the inspiring DIY!