Luna Skye

Jewelry designer Samantha Conn has always appreciated the way a new piece of precious jewelry could make a woman feel and set out to channel that same lure and confidence in her designs for Luna Skye. Bars of unrefined watermelon tourmaline, slivers of moonstone, and oblong faceted champagne topaz, opal and labradorite are enclosed by pavé diamonds and fine gold chains. Each piece is raw, delicate and exquisite . . . and of course, perfect for layering.















(Luna Skye jewelry available here)

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  1. Louise wrote:

    Wow these are truly beautiful pieces of jewellery

  2. Lovely jewellery <3 I love minimal pieces like these!


  3. Michelle wrote:

    This is so beautiful, I love delicate jewellery and I would wear every single one of these pieces!

  4. Prudence wrote:

    Love the delicate yet striking design of these pieces, beautiful!


  5. Marine wrote:

    It is very beautiful !!

  6. Bummer wrote:

    I was obsessed with Luna Skye and furtively sent my boyfriend some photo inspiration for a potential engagement ring. He ended up proposing with the “Free-floating” diamond cluster ring of theirs. The size was slightly off by half a size and after they told us it would be fine to resize it, the diamonds started popping out. It was such a bummer to see the symbol of our engagement literally falling apart.

    We contacted Samantha and after many emails they agreed to fix the ring at no cost. However, when the ring was in their possession they decided to charge $100…so I obviously paid. Within three days more diamonds came out and when I emailed back they basically said, “too bad so sad.” Then they never responded to am email again. Pretty awful experience.

    Luckily a local jeweler fixed the ring for $60 and no diamonds have popped out since. Also, found the EXACT same wedding band on Etsy for $400 versus their insane price of $2,200.

    My advice is to make SURE you have the correct size if you order from them, or shop around for the same rings at a better price!

  7. C. R. wrote:

    Bought a Ring for 3,000$ size 4.5 when the ring got here it was size 4.1 and wouldn’t fit on my wife’s finger..(She has many 4.5 size Rings and they all fit perfect). One side of the ring band was bent closed more then the other side (Double Band) the Colour in the stone was not as blue as pictures showed. the ring did not look anything like the photos(Colour of the Stone). the photos that i provided where right when i opened the box. Luna Skye says its not possible we must be Lying. Also the stone in the middle Wiggles around inside the little fingers that hold it. Will not be buying anything else from Luna Skye, Big mistake.

  8. Brandileigha Stracner wrote:

    I ordered my ring in August. First, I received a ring with a backwards center stone and a random artificially colored blue diamond on the band. Initially the customer service rep from Luna Skye said the stone was flat on top because it shows the moonstone color best. I told her that wasn’t true because I know moonstone shines very nicely when faceted, and at the moonstone I received was faceted on the bottom. She then admitted that the stone was in backwards. I sent the ring back so the mismatched stone on band could be fixed and I again requested a vibrant rainbow moonstone with pink in it, like the ones on their website. This is the reason I purchased the ring for my upcoming wedding. I sent in multiple screenshots of stones they advertise as examples.

    The second time I received the ring, the canter stone was white opaque white and rose cut. There was zero color. The mismatched diamond on the band had not been fixed. I reached out to Luna Skye again and expressed that I was very unhappy with a center stone color, and that Moonstone be more appropriately cut for a wedding band.

    Customer service rep lied to me saying that the center stone was the same I had received before, I said that’s not possible because, forgetting the fact that it’s a completely different color, it’s faceted on both sides. The backwards center stone I originally received was completely flat on top. Then she finally admitted it was a different stone. I asked again for a vibrant pink rainbow moonstone, for the mismatched artificially colored diamond to be fixed, and sent it back a second time.

    The third time I received the ring, the center stone was rose cut, filled with inclusions, and had barely any rainbow flash. The mismatched diamond has still not been fixed and the back of the ring was a disaster. There were gold shavings coming off and the metal was literally warped and peeled in different directions. Customer service rep said they don’t do rose cut stones (I guess Rothstein Jewelry in Beverly Hills doesn’t know what they are talking about!) and made a label to send it back a third time. I again asked for a vibrant pink moonstone like they advertise on the website. I again sent in many photos from their website as examples of what I wanted. I again expressed that the photos they advertise being the reason I purchased my wedding ring from Luna Skye.

    As I’ve said before, I collect moonstone. I have many jewelry pieces with moonstone. It is a cheap stone and the vibrancy is not determined by size. Luna Skye obviously knows the difference between a beautiful moonstone and an ugly one because by virtue of the ones they choose to advertise.

    Yesterday I received the ring for a fourth time. It was the wrong size. The customer service rep promised this ring would have pink, but it actually green and yellow. Zero pink. It is at least colored, but when I expressed my frustration over the phone today the rep had an attitude and called it “a difference of opinion.” Wow. The service from start to finish has been tone deaf, dismissive, the emails and responses I’ve received are all generic and it’s obvious they haven’t listened to any of my reasonable requests. I have screenshots and photos of everything. This has been the most frustrating and sad customer service experience I’ve ever had. I can buy a beautiful pink rainbow moonstone for $40 on eBay. But apparent Luna Skye can’t deliver on on my $2,000 ring. Please go elsewhere.