It was my love of “making things” that inspired the start of HonestlyWTF nearly 5 years ago. I was determined to prove that the D in DIY didn’t stand for disposable. With the right supplies and effort in attention to detail, doing something yourself can actually be beautiful, enriching and long lasting. Case in point: these jeweled sandals inspired by Marni. I wore these sparkly numbers nearly every day last summer and they’ve made their way back into heavy rotation this spring. So with all the affordable leather sandal options, I figured it was time for another iteration. Jeweled Sandals 2.0. Make them. You’ll love and live in them.


You’ll need:


Crystals and their settings are mostly sold separately. Place the crystals into their appropriate settings. Use a pair of flat nosed pliers to each of the prongs.


Once all the crystals are secured in their settings, you can start to glue them onto the shoes. I suggest putting the sandals on to map out the placement. The curves in your feet will fill out the straps which may drastically change the positions and placements of the crystals. Start in the middle with the largest crystal. Put a small line of glue around the setting.


Press the crystal onto the leathern strap. Hold in place for a few minutes and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the next crystal. Again, try the sandal on again to gauge where the next crystal will go. You can even make a light mark with a pencil if it helps.


Continue adding crystals – allowing each one to dry before adding another and constantly trying the sandals on to check placement.


Allow to dry overnight before wearing.


Everything is better with a bit of bling, no?


(images by HonestlyWTF)