Cast Iron Tubs

The cast iron tub dates as far back as the 1880s in America, where it was first marketed as a horse trough. However, it’s heat retaining properties made it more popular in the bathroom than in the barnyard! Today, cast iron tubs are made from scrap metal, salvaged from old heating radiators, water pipes, manhole covers and old car parts. My dream home will have at least two claw foot cast iron tubs – one in the bathroom and one outdoors as a planting bed for wildflowers.




Treehouse Trio

I never had a treehouse as a child but ever since our son was born, I’ve been looking forward to the day my husband and I could build him a house in the trees. How is this magical trio of treehouses for inspiration?! Atlanta architect Peter Bahouth built three houses, linked by wooden bridges, among the trees in his own backyard. Any child, or adult, would find this absolutely magical!!



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