It’s All About The Hoodie

Vetements might have been responsible for the resurrection the good ol’ hooded sweatshirt as a fashion must-have but that doesn’t mean you have to drop next month’s rent to pull of that chic, casual ease. The same hoodies we wore in middle school have become our favorite winter layering staples. But if your mom happened to get rid all of your oversized, OG hoodies like ours did, have no worries – we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, mostly affordable, sweatshirts below. Layer up and stay cozy ladies, it’s chilly out there!



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Incausa is a platform for indigenous social entrepreneurship and ultimately a study in progress, consciousness and sacred trade. Committed to the disenfranchised indigenous people of his home country of Brazil, Vinicius Vieira de Vieira created a non profit organization that uses all its profits to enable fair trade of indigenous artisanship and heritage. In 2012, Brooklyn based Incausa launched with aromatic Breu resin incense and purifying Palo Santo smudge sticks, from various Amazonian tree species. Today, the offerings have expanded into baskets crafted by the Xavantes and Mehinako tribes and woven purses created by the Krahô people, as well as items like hand-hammered singing bowls from Tibet. I’m looking forward to supporting this inspiring organization and helping them get one step closer to combating global poverty.



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Rochas Pre-Fall 2017

“Style is right when there’s something wrong.” It is exactly this mantra that has made Rochas so playfully appealing since Alessandro Dell’Acqua took the helm in 2013. His pre-fall collection continues to find that quirky balance: modest yet sexy, sophisticated but whimsical, feminine albeit boyish. Standouts include the vibrant fur coats, off the shoulder brocade dresses (that actually managed to look informal) and of course, the always perfect assortment of fanciful shoes. Love. It. All.



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I don’t know about you but I can really use a holistic retreat right about now. One of Thailand’s most picturesque halcyon resorts, nestled in the lush forests of Phuket, looks like the perfect place for some peaceful rest and oms. Keemala‘s seven tree houses, each equipped with their own private pool, were constructed following the beliefs of the We-ha (Sky) Clan, who built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. Days here consist of pool plunges, spa treatments, trips to nearby beaches, yoga, and meals prepared from fresh garden vegetables and herbs. Just what I’m craving: a serene escape.



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Dear Frances

After studying furniture design and sculpture in London and Milan, Jane Frances took an internship at a family run footwear factory in Italy. It was during that time that she developed a deep passion for shoe design and production. The realization that there was a void in the market for versatile, high quality shoes was the catalyst behind the start of her own label. In just a couple of years since her launch in 2014, London based Dear Frances has quickly become a go-to for women looking for classically designed footwear with a unique and modern twist. The heels of suede boots, for example, feature slices of translucent lucite stacked between beechwood. And leather mules have real dried flowers embedded in their heels. As for production? The entire collection is produced at the same factory where she first fell in love with the artisan craft of shoemaking.



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