DIY Woodblock Printing

Kerry Cassill’s colorfully printed bedding is what first inspired by my love of Indian block printing so many moons ago. And then there was this film that so beautifully showed the true art that is block printing. The artisanship that goes into hand carving these woodblocks is raw and impressive – and it’s so refreshing to see that a craft that dates back centuries is still being practiced today. My fascination eventually grew into a collection of old woodblocks – some brought back from me from India and some purchased. But it wasn’t until recently that I finally tried my hand at block printing with them, specifically with a gorgeous heart-shaped block from one of my favorite boutiques Tail Of The Yak. It’ll never be comparable to the real thing, but I’m pretty darn happy with the results.


You’ll need:



Datura Mohair #2

Mallorca born designer Stefania Borras is all about producing seasonless collections of the highest quality and aiming to sell her designs at honest prices. Her second capsule collection of angora mohair sweaters, for example, are nearly weightless, crease-resistant, and cozy – all with a bit of sheen, a whole lot of warmth and a very reasonable price tag. How can you not love it?



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