Bar Palladio In Jaipur, India

Located within the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel in Jaipur, India is what might be the most visually delightful restaurant and bar in the world. Bar Palladio, designed by Dutch designer and Tocca founder Marie-Anne Oudejansis, is a treat for the senses with it’s electric blue walls, intricate wooden screens, ornate brass lighting, floral motifs and overall royal Mughal style. I’m obsessed. One day, I will get to experience this gem in person! The only question will be: can I move in?




Spotted: Dress Over Pants

I’ve lived in Northern California for over 5 years now and I still haven’t adjusted to weather in Bay Area, where summer dresses stay closeted for most of the season because temperatures peak in the fall. But dresses styled over pants or jeans? This I can get used to . . .



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DIY Painted Rope Basket

If I haven’t cautioned you about the addictive nature of sewing rope baskets, consider this your official warning. Once you start, you just can’t stop. All it takes is a foot on the pedal, and a hand to guide the rope through the sewing machine, to have a simple, yet chic, bag take shape. It’s a very satisfying experience which is why I have umpteen rope bags and baskets piled up in a corner of my office. So one night, as I was about to sit down to a glass of wine and an evening of Netflix, I suddenly had the urge to paint. But paint what? Baskets! An entire season of Stranger Things later, I had a trio of painted baskets with brightly hued patterns. And as expected, I can’t stop . . .



You’ll need:

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Vayarta Slip Ons

Word on the beach is that these soft, custom dyed leather slip ons are the shoe of the summer. Inspired by the beach culture of Mexico, the founders of Vayarta, who hail from Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Calvin Klein, launched their label with a single style of vegetable dyed leather slippers that mold to the feet and soften to perfection over time. Insiders have likened their lightly padded leather insoles to walking on pillows. Honestly. You can bet that my first pair has already been ordered and en route, just in time for my trip to Hawaii.



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Bean Bags

I can’t remember the last time I slipped into a bean bag – it was most likely in my early 20s. But recently, after chillaxin’ in one of the chicest bean bags at a girlfriend’s house, I’ve fallen for these oversized loungers all over again. Hers looked like the top of a giant Indian slipper with a sail-like shape. Not only was it so comfortable that I could have easily gotten some good quality shut eye, it also looked surprisingly sophisticated in her living space. I especially like the idea of utilizing them as outdoor seating, and even hanging them when not in use.

bean bag | HonestlyWTF


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