2 Totally Useless & Brilliant DIYs

In the world of social media, we’re sometimes faced with an unrealistic and impractical portrayal of perfectionism. I’ll admit that I’ve been a contributor, and victim, to that problem. So when Old Spice came to me with an idea to poke fun at the aspirational nature of online DIY culture, I thought why not! I love the brand’s hilariously sarcastic ads and I’m actually okay being the butt of the joke. That’s actually a lie. Let’s just say I’m okay being the joke – just not the butt. I hate my butt. Anyway, back to the DIY. My challenge was to create a pair of totally-useless-nobody-will-ever-think-to-create projects, reusing products from Old Spice’s Wild Collection. Because in addition to being the most ingenious DIYer, I’m the most environmentally aware. I hope that you find these funny as I had a total blast making them. And if you don’t . . . well, I can’t help you there.

DIY Outdoor Strung Lights


  • strung lights
  • lots of Old Spice Krakengärd Deodorant containers
  • scissors


Sketching Like Leah Goren

Is it too late to add a goal to my long list of summer to-dos? After taking courses via Skillshare earlier this summer, I discovered my desire to improve my illustration skills – or rather, lack there of. I like the idea of keeping a sketchbook and maintaining consistent paint to paper practice, as illustrator Leah Goren encourages in her online course. It’s amazing to see how she’s been able to apply her illustrations to different forms, like wallpaper, ceramics, pins and even a pair of super cute boxing gloves! A future career as a illustrator is highly unlikely but I’m officially inspired to nurture this creative experiment. I’m on my way to the art store . . .


Staud Spring 2017

Everything – I mean, everything – from Staud‘s latest collection has me fantasizing about traveling to a remote Mediterranean island, doing nothing but going to the beach, shopping at local markets while wearing cotton seersucker dresses, tie front button ups, and ruffled satin crepe camisoles. And let’s not forget a enamel and leather turtle belt and netted bucket bag! A glamorous getaway might not be in my near future but the good news is that nearly the entire collection is on sale now!


A Beachside Portuguese Retreat

It was 50 acres of lush, pristine land, neighboring friend Christian Louboutin’s retreat, that inspired Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano to make Portugal’s Tróia Peninsula her home away from home. The Argentenia based vintner enlisted longtime friend and designer John Stefanidis to design a modest 2 bedroom getaway from the ground up. I love the beachy rustic feel and the quirky pops of Kelly green, crimson red, cobalt blue and raspberry pink. And leave it to a winemaker to make ensure her dining room doors opened up onto rows and rows of grapevines. The house is charming, modest and simply perfect.


Natalie Martin Summer 2017

My love of Natalie Martin‘s hand batik printed silk clothing continues . . . Last summer, I practically lived in her gorgeous indigo pieces and this season, I’m smitten with bottoms, like wrap skirts, shorts and lounge pants, in burgundy and red floral prints, some with the perfect pink accents. The lightweight quality of her fabric is perfect for those sweltering summer days.


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