The Coziest Friendsgiving

There are moments when I feel completely overwhelmed by the speed at which life is moving along. Sometimes I feel like it’s passing me by in light speed. I mean, how are we almost in 2017?? This is why I love the holidays. It’s a great reason to gather with friends, reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Recently, my friend Caitlin hosted us for a casual Friendsgiving celebration, where each guest was asked to contribute something special to the dinner table. I bound a small cluster of flowers with twine and guests’ names written on tags. Topping the flowers with a gilding of gold leaf made them feel extra luxe and made for the perfect addition to the tabletop, which Caitlin styled so beautifully. Everyone was also asked to come dressed in their favorite Old Navy and Gap pieces so of course, the first thing I grabbed was a classic plaid shirt which I wore with my favorite pair of J Brand neoprene pants. Season after season, I stock up on plaid and chambray shirts from Old Navy and Gap – they’re the perfect fall staples and will live in your wardrobe for years! A chilly, San Francisco day was the perfect reason to wear one of my favorite outerwear trends, the teddy bear coat. It’s honestly one of my absolute favorite pieces this season – it’s so incredibly soft and cozy! Plus, you can score 40% off of it and everything on Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic, with code FRIENDS, between now and November 15th. Tis the season!



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Hand Painted By Erzen

Turn your leather handbag or wallet over to Turkish artist Erzen and he’ll transform it into a work of art. Literally. For someone who is always looking to customize and personalize fashion, I absolutely love this idea. And I can already think of several bags in my closet, that have been sleeping far too long in their dust bags, that are just jonesing for a revival. I’m officially inspired to send them away for a baroque floral treatment!


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Anna Valdez

Artist Anna Valdez pulls items collected from her global travels and inspiration from her background in anthropology to lay the foundation for her still lifes. Photographs, family recipes, horticulture, books, hand crafted objects, rugs and personal mementos are layered into frame, resulting in beautiful, dynamic compositions that give a bit of insight into the artist herself. I love how her work just emanates joy and vibrancy but with a comforting sense of realness.



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525 Sq Ft Of Charm

Who knew that my dream living space could be limited to 525 square feet? Ok, maybe if I were the only person living in it. Regardless, this tiny 1904 apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a beauty! I love that despite it’s small confines, the owner kept the original Nordic fireplace and added sizable accents, like lamps, to maintain its charm. The abundance of natural light, the use of crisp, neutral colors and plants, and most importantly, the clever layout, is just proof that sometimes, just sometimes, less is more.



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