Innika Choo Bordir & Daisies

Just as I’m finally relishing in fall’s late arrival, Innika Choo is tugging at my warm weather loving heartstrings with her latest collection of cotton and linen frocks. How can I not ache for white linen dresses hand embroidered with daisies, pinafores finished with eyelet hems, and cotton gingham dresses tiered with layers upon layers of scalloped ruffles? And the mini versions for girls?! It’s all so good. Per usual, I love that Innika always considers the versatility of her clothing. Everything is available in just one size and can be worn in a multitude of ways with the help of ties and drawstrings. And with all the layering possibilities, I can certainly justify incorporating several pieces into my fall wardrobe.


DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

It’s been four years since Abe and I moved into our newly remodeled house and believe it or not, we’re still working our way down a long list of to-dos. That may sound stressful but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from being a homeowner is to not rush through all the details. And if you know me, you’d understand how that lesson was a difficult pill to swallow. But it turns out, taking on projects piece by piece actually makes home ownership manageable and actually more exciting! Plus, taking the time to figure out what is needed to accommodate your family’s habits and lifestyle really cuts back on any hurried mistakes. So I guess this is the moment when I confess that we’ve been without a shower curtain in our guest bathroom all this time . . .

When we designed this part of the house, we knew we wanted to raise the ceilings. This bathroom wasn’t particularly large so the idea was to bring in more light by creating high ceilings, giving the illusion of more space. So with so much height in our second bathroom – the only bathroom with a tub – we knew we couldn’t rely on an average length shower curtain. We should be accentuating the height, not distracting from it! So for years, I’ve skirted around this conundrum. That’s when Esurance came into the picture, reinforcing the value of customization and inspiring me to finally tackle this one glaring item on that to-do list. I fell in love with the amazing macramé shower curtain that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess made but was still challenged with how to add at least 10 more inches of length. Instead of sewing trip over the curtain, I added trim along the bottom edge and then tied on cords to give it the length it needed. Voila. Problem solved.


Ader Error Fall 2017

Let me introduce you to Ader Error, my latest obsession. Who is Ader WHO, you ask? Let’s just say, if you married the androgynous aesthetic of Vetements (but at a much more realistic price range), the 60s femininity of Trademark (during their ready to wear years) and the collegiate flair of Ralph Lauren’s Rugby (remember them?!), you’d get the mostly unisex, Korean cult label, which launched in 2014. Except, you might have to buy a plane ticket to Korea to track down their oh-so-cool collection of oversized hoodies, wool varsity jackets, plaid suits, extra large turtlenecks, high waisted corduroys and glossy puffer coats. Very few retailers in the US currently carry the label and if you’re lucky enough to find them, most of the goods are sold out. But I have a feeling it won’t be long before we see more of them stateside. I’m willing to wait . . .


31 Bits Goods

After a life changing trip to Uganda nine years ago, three college friends set out on a mission to make changes in the world through their love of fashion. That’s when 31 Bits was founded. Their first project was to provide Northern Ugandan women an opportunity to combat poverty using their artisanal jewelry skills. The socially conscious, female owned company developed programs that helped these women gain access to education, counseling and healthcare. 31 Bits has since added brass jewelry and woven bags, handmade by Indonesian artisans, to the mix – and today, they’re launching their first ever home goods collection!


Wolf Circus

My jewelry repertoire may have downsized in recent years, where simplicity rules over ornate, but that hasn’t meant less is more. I’m still a believer in more is more, friends! Which is why I’m excited by my latest jewelry discovery: Wolf Circus. The Canadian label has built a foundation on high caliber, yet simple, gold and silver rings, necklaces and bracelets – all hand polished and plated to perfection. I love the layerable quality of the pieces, especially the rings. Effortless gold bands stacked under signets? So good.


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