It’s no secret that I love patches. I’ve even got Quincy jumping on the bandwagon! He recently started his own collection, while stopping through gift shops and visitor centers on our little summertime excursions. By the way, those are the best places to find mementos like patches and pins. With pre-k starting next week, we thought start a little project together by adding his favorite iron-ons to his new backpack. I love that he has a story for every single patch and I just know he’s chomping at the bit to share them with his classmates on his first day of school. I’m excited to add more as more adventures with my little guy await. And of course, Coco, who looks up to her big brother in every way, needed to get in on the fun to . . .


Start by stuffing a backpack with dishtowels. This helps keep the fabric taut when applying the patches. If your patches don’t come with an iron on backing, you can add an iron on backing using double stick fusible webbing. The tutorial can be found here.

Since an ironing board won’t do much help while ironing onto a backpack, you’ll need to use your hands to help. Hold a folded dishtowel against the inside of the backback, pressing the patch against the bottom of the iron. Your iron should be on the hottest setting with low steam. Work carefully and use as many towels needed to protect your hands as you don’t want to burn yourself!

Use the towels to stuff tiny spaces in corners and pockets.

Collecting patches is so much fun for kids, leave room for more as they continue to collect more!

(images by HonestlyWTF; Quincy & Coco’s clothes are Polo Ralph Lauren)