When Lisa and Jessica of Leyendecker confessed to us their love of DIYs, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the designing duo. Not only are we in love with their line, we are huge fans of the charming and talented ladies themselves. You can imagine how much fun we had spending the entire day crafting in their LA studio! Drawing inspiration from Leyendecker’s signature trims and unique handmade details, we’ll show you how you can easily make your very own lacy fringed dress.

You’ll need:

Start by measuring the bottom hem of the t-shirt to determine how may tassels to add. The bottom of Jessica’s shirt measured 48 inches and because she wanted tassels 2 inches apart, she needed to cut 24 tassels. Lightly mark each placement right above the hem with a pen.

Wrap yarn around a legal sized file folder approximately 12-14 times. Cut the strands off the folder and set aside. Repeat the steps to make 24 tassels. (Click images to enlarge)

Using a dowel or pair of scissors, pierce small holes into the tee using the marks as a guide. Pull each set of yarns through the holes and center them.

Lisa and her pup Mars are making one too!

Wrap a piece of yarn around the top of the tassel a few times and tie into a knot. Trim away any excess and repeat.

After tying off each tassel, tie off a second and third row for a netted look. Separate two neighboring tassels into halves. Group one half from each tassel into a single bunch. At about an inch of the way down, wrap and tie. Repeat the steps until a second row is complete. Repeat the same steps for a third row.

Lookin’ good!

Once the fringe is complete, pin a lace applique or lace doily to the collar of the tee. Hand stitch it with a needle and thread.

Your gorgeous Leyendecker-inspired dress is finished!

Thank you, Lisa & Jessica, for an epic DIY! We had a blast!!! xx

(top image courtesy of Leyendecker; rest of images by Honestly…WTF)