Yesterday, I stopped by the Lulu Frost studio for an exciting DIY session with the lovely Lisa Salzer and her crafty team. We had been chatting for weeks about finding creative ways to display and store jewelry – a problem we all seemed to struggle with. So after sorting through Lisa’s wide ranging collection of antique hardware, we were inspired to find a way to show off not only her found treasures but also our favorite Lulu Frost jewels.

You’ll need:

Start by taking a sheet of wood to a lumber yard or hardware store to have cut to fit the inside of the picture frame. Make sure that the wood isn’t thicker than the inside molding. Spray any hardware, screws, and nails with 2 even coats of metallic spray paint.

An optional step is to stain the wood to give it an aged look. Water based wood stain is recommended. Follow the package directions and allow to dry completely.

Screw a metal brace, connecting the wood board to the back of the frame, to the middle of each of the 4 sides. This will secure the the wood board to the frame. Then flip the frame over and layout a selection of hardware. Mark with a pen where any screws or nails should go.

Use a screwdriver or drill to secure all the hardware.

For knobs that have bolts, drill a hole into the wood. Push the knob through the hole.

Tighten from the back with a nut. Trim any protruding bolts and screws with cutters.

Continue adding hardware!

Now the most fun part: adding jewelry!

Doesn’t it look like a work of art? I’m looking forward to making more – the possibilities are endless!

(all jewelry by Lulu Frost; images by HonestlyWTF)