A trip to New York isn’t ever complete without a visit to Lulu Frost‘s stunning Flatiron showroom and newly renovated retail space. Not only is it a reason to preview and shop the latest collection (we wanted everything, by the way), we love carving out some craft time with Lisa and her team. We all share a love of collecting vintage plates and storing jewelry in them atop dressers and credenzas – but how annoying is it when your precious baubles start collecting dust and other debris? As per usual, we didn’t have to look far for a solution. Lisa’s vintage inspired aesthetic was the perfect inspiration for these oh so pretty, and easy to make jewelry cloches.


You’ll need:


Start by cutting the screws of the knobs with a bolt cutter – try to get as flush as you can to the base of the knob. Use a heavy duty mill file to file away the remaining metal.


The backside of the knobs should be completely filed down and smooth before adding a small dollop of E6000.


Turn the clean stemless wine glasses (you’ll want ones with a flat bottom) upside down and carefully center the knob on top. Hold it in place for a few minutes and allow to dry overnight.


We used mini porcelain hands to store Lulu Frost’s pretty little code rings. Mini cupcake stands make the perfect pedestal for necklaces and pendants.


How pretty do these gorgeous cuffs look protected inside the cloche?!


Arrange with varying heights. You can even use large glass hurricanes, used for candles, for larger cloches. Just be sure to reinforce with extra glue. And give it the ‘lift test’ before using.


Jewelry stored, protected and looking all kinds of Lulu lovely!


(all jewelry by Lulu Frost; images by HonestlyWTF)