Ever since I experimented with needle felting earlier this year, I’ve been fascinated with the plethora of potential DIYs associated with this age-old technique. After spotting felted acorns at an adorable boutique in Carmel, I quickly discovered I couldn’t achieve the look with a felting needle (Honestly, fail!) Instead it required an easier method called wet felting which simply involves some hot, soapy water. Suffice to say, I’m obsessed and can’t wait to make a bevy of these felted knickknacks!

You’ll need:

  • wool roving
  • acorn caps
  • thread
  • drill
  • hot glue gun
  • dishwashing soap
  • 2 bowls

Start by working with a half handful of wool roving at a time. Separate the fibers and roll them back together into a loose ball.

Fill two bowls with hot water. Put 2 drops of dishwashing fluid into one of the bowls to create hot, soapy water. Dunk the ball of roving into the soapy water.

Gently roll it between the palms in a circular motion, as if rolling cookie dough or meatballs. This takes patience as at first as it won’t seem like the ball is taking shape. Keep rolling and if the ball is too soapy, dunk it into the clean hot water and continue rolling gently. Keep repeating the dunk and roll steps. As the fibers become agitated with the hot, soapy water it will become denser and denser.

Soon enough, the ball will form nicely. If there are some cracks in the ball, pull off a tiny section of roving, spread it apart, and lay it over the cracked section.

Wrap any excess roving around the ball, dunk it in the soapy water and continue rolling. If the ball doesn’t seem to be taking to the additional roving – keep rolling. Tip: when in doubt, keep rolling!

Rince the soapy ball into the clean water bowl. Squeeze any excess water out with a paper towel and reshape it with clean, dry hands. Set the ball aside and allow to dry for 12 hours.

In the meantime, drill two small holes at the top of the acorn cap. Pull a 6 inch piece of thread through the cap.

When the felt ball is dry, squeeze hot glue into the inside of the cap. Fit the felt ball into acorn cap.

For a more oval shaped acorn, simply roll the ball between the palms in one direction to elongate the shape.

Your colorful felt balls are finished!! Hang them on your tree, add them as toppers to wrapped gifts, or place them all into a pretty bowl as decor.

(all images by HonestlyWTF)