You probably have guessed by now that we have a major soft spot for almost all things western . . . bolos, cowboy boots and the like. So when Balenciaga incorporated a modern take on western collar tips into their Spring 2011 Collection, we were beyond thrilled. Who knew these little metal tips are capable of brightening up any button up shirt?! With a pair of inexpensive decorative brass corners from the hardware store, we made our own Balenciaga-inspired collar tips that are to DIY for.

You’ll need:
– 2 brass decorative corners
– 2 clutch pin backs
– 2 pieces of thick fabric scrap (i.e. felt or wool)
– hammer
– cutting pliers
– super glue

Start by drawing 2 lines at 45 degree angles on the inside of each brass corner, creating a small wedge. Use the cutting pliers to cut out the wedges.

Sandwich a brass corner between two pieces of fabric. The fabric will prevent the brass from being dented or nicked by the hammer. Lightly tap the hammer, flatting the edges inwards.

Once you’ve flattened your corners, super glue a clutch pin back to each backside.

Let it dry.

Attach your new collar tips to any shirt!

We’re excited to experiment with more fancy decorative corners and adorn our collared shirts!

(top image from here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF)