I’ve been itching to do a charm bracelet tutorial on HonestlyWTF for awhile now. And it wasn’t until I recently purchased a gorgeous vintage pearl charm bracelet that I was motivated to locate all the necessary supplies to recreate something just as pretty. The main focus of this week’s tutorial is to teach you how to wire wrap, which allows you to add any type of charm to personalize your own bracelet!

You’ll need:

Start by threading a headpin through a large pearl. Stack the petal bead cap and a spacer bead on top.

Use the round nose pliers to bend the headpin to the left, about 2 millimeters above the spacer bead. Keeping and squeezing the pliers in place, form nearly a 300 degree loop by wrapping the headpin tightly around the right side of the pliers.

Find the center link of the bracelet and attach the charm to that link.

Now use the flat nose pliers to hold the loop tight for traction. Wrap the tail of the headpin, around in a spiral, until it hits the top of the spacer bead.

Use the wire cutters to trim away any excess wire.

Continue adding more charms, alternating between large and small pearls. An option is to add pearls or charms to any empty spots.

Your charm bracelet is finished.

Layer with your favorite bracelets and enjoy!

(DIY pearl charm bracelet, crystal bracelets by J.Crew, rings and arm bangle by Mr. Kate, handbag by Coach; all images by HonestlyWTF)