We’ve been dying to collaborate on a DIY with Jessie Randall, designer and creative director of Loeffler Randall, after discovering her extraordinary flair for crafting. So when chatting about the need for decent boot stuffers over breakfast in New York City, a lightbulb went off and Jessie conceptualized the perfect tutorial just for HonestlyWTF! We can finally keep all those boots standing tall and tidy in our closets. These delightful boot stuffers are actually quite simple to assemble and would make a fantastic holiday gift for that boot-loving buddy.

You’ll need:

Start by cutting two rectangular pieces – each measuring approximately 14″ wide (or the circumference of the inside of the boot shaft plus an inch) by 28″ long (or the length of the boot shaft plus 5 inches). Fold each piece in half, align the edges, and sew along the length of the open side and along only one end of the width. Leave at least a half inch seam. Hand sewing is an option here in case a sewing machine isn’t readily available.

Trim away any excess threads from the tube. Fold the bottom into an accordion fold.

Tie it off with an elastic hair tie – this is the bottom of the boot stuffer. Turn the tube inside out.

Fill the bottom of the tube with a handful of batting. Then fill a small plastic bag with 2 heaping handfulls of beans.

Push the bag of beans to the bottom of the tube. Fill in any empty space around the bag, with batting. Continue filling the tube with more batting.

Once the tube has been filled and is dense enough, place it inside the boot. Trim to leave about 4 inches above the top of the boot. Fold in about a half inch of fabric, working around the cotton batting.

Make sure to align the seam of the tube with the seam of the back of the boot. Fill the tube to the rim with any additional batting if necessary.

Cut an oval, larger than the opening of the tube, out of excess fabric. This will cap off the tube. Lay it on top of the opening and push in the edges, working around the circumference of the oval.

Use pins to attach the cap to the tube. Hand stich the two together, ending with a double knot.

Now attach a pom pom by inserting a needle down and up through the center of the tube, directly through the middle of the pom pom, back down through the pom pom and down the tube again. Repeat this step a few times until the pom pom is secure.

An optional step is to connect the stuffers with two sets of sticky backed velcro squares and a strip of fabric.

This will keep the boot standing super straight if the boots are not lined!

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(boots from left to right: Matilde Flat Boot, Felix Bootie, Sofie Wedge Boot; all images by HonestlyWTF; tutorial courtesy of Jessie Randall)