When you take the middle names from two talented artists in love, you get Sophia Watts. Briana Sophia Horne and Walker Watts Young are traveling artists that create their works from the things they have collected along their journey. Whether it’s gull feathers from Catalina Island, driftwood from Northern California, or great blue heron feathers from their backyard lake in Tennessee, Briana and Walker are always looking out for new materials. From the perfectly symmetrical kaleidoscope butterfly collages and dreamcatchers to the peace pipeswall talismans, and horsehair key chains, all of their work is mesmerizing.  The thought that goes into each knot, the pinning of butterfly wings, and the handmade frames is visible, proving it’s all in the details. Briana and Walker will be at the Parachute Market this weekend in Los Angeles, and I strongly recommend you go meet them, and see their work up close because the two of them are just as magical as their work.