I cried when I first learned of the touching story behind Chasing The Light, a historically contextual art expedition led by artist Zaria Forman. Her late mother, Rena Bass Forman, was inspired by American painter William Bradford’s 1869 expedition up the Northwest Coast of Greenland and dedicated her life to photographing this remote region. Sadly, Rena was never able to see the same voyage through. Her daughter promised to carry out the journey in her honor, scattering her mother’s ashes amongst the crackling ice diamonds of Greenland and painting the moody gray and indigo landscapes. Her stunning work made me think of everything we take for granted. A percent of all Greenland drawing sales will go to 350.org.

Chasing the Light 1

Chasing the Light 2

Chasing the Light 3

Chasing the Light 4

Chasing the Light 5

Chasing the Light 6

Chasing the Light 7

Chasing the Light 8

Chasing the Light 9

Chasing the Light 10

 (Zaria Forman pastel drawings available at select galleries, prints available at ArtStar)